Your mission is at thecentre:mk this Easter

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Shopping this Easter at thecentre:mk could be a mission impossible.

From March 29 to April 7 Middleton Hall will play host to Spy Games, with a variety of physical, mental and analytical challenges to put people through their paces.

The mission, should you choose to accept it: go straight to thecentre:mk and discover how to become a true spy. You’ll get the chance to learn how to break secret codes, crack locked safes, detect intruders with infra-red and navigate your way through a cross fire of laser beams.

Starting with the code breaking challenge, you’ll need patience and a steady hand as you find your way through a series of cryptic messages before taking a shot at deactivating a ticking time bomb.

Once you’ve succeeded it’s time to crack the safe. If you’re confident you’ve worked out the combination then try your luck, you might just find a reward.

Next attempt the infra red challenge, testing your nerve as you try to guide your hand between invisible lasers to reach the all important set of keys at the top of the tower. The final task is only for the brave. While your family watch from a screen outside, you’ll need to criss cross through a laser room without breaking any beams to reach a safe and retrieve your prize!

Melanie Beck, head of marketing at thecentre:mk, said: “We are very excited to add a new dimension to shopping at thecentre:mk when Spy Games arrives in Middleton Hall over the Easter holiday. This mission is only for the brave and we hope shoppers will enjoy taking on the challenge.”

For more information on opening times, ticket prices and competitions visit