Youth charity helps young people get ready for working life

Chief executive of Believe in Young People (BiYP), Tanja Kuveljic. PNL-150930-172950001
Chief executive of Believe in Young People (BiYP), Tanja Kuveljic. PNL-150930-172950001

MK based charity Believe in Young People has launched a new nationwide campaign to help young adults prepare for future employment.

Youth education and employment charity Believe in Young People (BiYP) is aiming to prevent young people from joining the 9,000 unemployed in Milton Keynes by helping them understand and develop their key skills while in school or college.

It hopes to do this by encouraging schools and colleges in MK to register their students and integrate the programme into their curriculum. The charity is already working with Stantonbury Campus.

There are also more than 1,200 one-week work experience placements at companies in the south east through the charity.

Charity chief executive Tanja Kuveljic said: “BiYP works to instil a belief in young people and enables them to reach their true potential by progressing their skills and behaviours from Year Seven upwards. We inspire and inform future career choices by bringing the world of work into the curriculum and connecting young people to the working world through real life experiences.

“Our programme gives young people the best possible opportunity to be employed in a suitable role which will maximise their potential and ultimately reduce youth unemployment.

“Our approach has been to simplify and join up best practice between local employers and schools while focusing on the learner at all times. Now we want to do more and ensure the supply of work-ready young talent does meet demand at both a local and national level.”

Seymour Pearman, partnership manager for the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS), added: “It’s increasingly important for young people to be exposed to the world of work and with its new approach, Believe in Young People is able to build a crucial bridge between schools, colleges and employers.

“By embedding its programme into the curriculum, the holistic development of young people becomes a simple and joined up activity. As important as they are, it’s not just about exams, it’s about enabling young people in making informed choices about the best options for them to progress into a future career which fulfils them.”

Those interested in finding out more about the programme should call 01908 695560 or visit