Abandoned Milton Keynes pony Maisie loves her new home and all set to give birth soon

Maisie the abandoned pregnant pony from Milton Keynes is this week happily settled into her new home thanks to a dramatic rescue by the MK Citizen and our readers.

The former traveller mare had been left in a remote field at Snelshall industrial estate with no food or water for more than five months.

Maisie in her loving new home

Maisie in her loving new home

It was only thanks to a kind-hearted office worker, who took her carrots and containers of water every day, that she survived.

She was also covered in car oil after she managed to break free from a sick attempt to tether her to the fence and set fire to her.

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Landowners Milton Keynes Development Partnership (MKDP) had recruited London bailiffs to post an Abandonment Notice in the field.

The notice warned that if no owner came forward to remove the pony within seven days she could be “humanely destroyed”.

Maisie will give birth in a matter of weeks

Maisie will give birth in a matter of weeks

The seven days expired at 5pm on Thursday last week. On the Tuesday the Citizen highlighted Maisie’s plight on our website. By Wednesday we had more than 250 emails and calls from people offering her a home or help.

MKDP agreed to allow us to rehome Maisie as soon as the deadline was reached. They offered £300 towards the cost of transporting her.

At 5pm sharp on Thursday, we were at the field with her delightful new owners to lead her into their horsebox to start her new life miles away from MK.

And, with the foal expected to be born within weeks, we were just in time.

This week, Maisie has already made friends with all the humans at her new home - and is firm pals with her horsey neighbour too.

Because of national precautions being taken against equine flu, she has to stay in a large, comfy stable for a quarantine period. Afterwards she will have her own paddock if she does not want to share with other horses.

“Nearby is our elderly, home-bred thoroughbred mare, who is 30, Maisie started ‘talking’ to her immediately and is really enjoying the company,” said the new owner.

"She's super-friendly with all of us and she's a delight to handle. She really is a lovely girl."

Vets are this week giving Maisie a thorough check and will also vaccinate her. A farrier is paying her hooves some much-needed attention..

“They will tell us when the foal is due, but we don’t think it is long - she has a few weeks to go at the most,” said the owner, who is experienced in delivering foals.

Meanwhile Maisie has been groomed until she is sparkling - and been given a haircut to enable her to see.