Astonishing number of children who will be homeless in Milton Keynes this Christmas revealed


More than 1,000 children in Milton Keynes  will be homeless this Christmas, a new report from Shelter has revealed.

The charity has listed MK as one of the worst 50 local authoirties for child homelessness. It is the 33rd worst place in the UK and third worst in the South East region.

Shelter's investigation shows 1,114 youngsters in MK are currently without a permanent home.

This figure has risen by a staggering 770 per cent since 2013.

The children will spend the festive season in temporary accommodation or “sofa surfing” at friends or relatives homes.

Even though they have a roof over their heads they are still officially classed as homeless because it is not a permanent home and they can be moved on at very short notice, says Shelter.

“In the worst cases children can be crammed into bed and breakfast hotels or hostels - totally inappropriate places for children to grow up,” a spokesman said.

The causes of homelessness include lack of supply of decent affordable housing, lack of protection for private renters and freezes and cuts to welfare payments, say Shelter experts.

They say the trauma caused by living in temporary accommodation and sofa-surfing can worsen mental health issues for children, leading to the development of “problematic behaviours”.