Council fixed 15,000 potholes in Milton Keynes last year

Milton Keynes Council has revealed that it fixed almost 15,000 potholes in 2018 and is on the way to fixing 20,000 by April.

Cllr Martin Gowans, Cabinet Member for Public Realm, has also announced that MK Council plans to bring in a brand new pot-hole filling machine from next week to boost the repairing of potholes left after the wet winter weather and snow,



An extra £60,000 has been included in the budget for pothole repairs over the next year, and there is a pledge to fix fix 10,000 more during 2019.

Cllr Gowans said: “We promised to fix 20,000 pothole before the next election in May, and we are well on the way, fixing nearly 15,000 in 2018. We are doing this despite being forced to cut over £150m from MK Council budgets since 2010.”

He added: “The Beast from the East has left the UK road network in an awful state. If you drive in Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire or Central Beds you will notice that our road network is crumbling. However here in MK, a Labour-led MK Council has been investing in our highways, and we found the cash to fix more potholes than ever before, even changing when we fix potholes to the most permissive standards in England.

“However we know we need to keep on top of the situation and rightly people will always highlight there is more to do. That is why after the recent snow and wet weather, we are bringing a brand new machine to MK to fill even more potholes, investing more money into our highways in the budget and pledging to fix another 10,000 potholes in 2019.”