Divorced Milton Keynes dad records Christmas song about his children

A divorced Milton Keynes dad has released a charity Christmas single to raise money for charity.

Keith Banwaitt, 36, penned the song It’s Time For Love after splitting with his partner.

Keith and Lily

Keith and Lily

He recorded a video of his small son and daughter playing music with him and intended it at first for just friends and family.

But after its success decided to release it as a single to raise cash for the NSPCC and the RSPCA..

Keith said: “Divorce is obviously a difficult thing to go through, so the song was meant to serve as a reminder of the things that were most important to us as we approached the festive season. For us, this was our two toddlers and two dogs who appear in the video.

The video features his two-year-old son and daughter, five, playing music and enjoying themselves with the two dogs in Milton Keynes.

Lily and brother

Lily and brother

Keith said: “This year, many of my friends are running marathons and doing other fundraising activities. So I thought I would release my song for download and give any money raised to my two chosen charities.

“As the song is celebrating me and my ex-wife’s dependants, our children and two dogs, it was a natural choice to donate to the NSPCC and RSPCA.”

You can watch the video of It’s Time For Love , on YouTube and download the song from the usual providers.

Sales of the single will help support the NSPCC’s Light For Every Childhood Christmas campaign which highlights the issue of child neglect in the UK.

One in ten children in the UK have suffered neglect, which is the most common form of child abuse,

Jacqui Venters, NSPCC community fundraising manager for Buckinghamshire, said: “Our Christmas campaign aims to highlight children living with neglect and encourage people to contact us with any concerns. Fundraising efforts like this go a long way to help our professionals answer calls and give advice and support to those concerned about a child.”

Anyone concerned about a child can contact the NSPCC Helpline on 0808 800 500 or via help@nspcc.org.uk. To support the Light For Every Childhood Christmas appeal visit www.nspcc.org.uk