Kayla offers hand of friendship to lonely new mums in Milton Keynes

Kayla knows how lonely parents are feeling
Kayla knows how lonely parents are feeling

A young single mum who spent months feeling isolated in her flat with a new baby has  not only transformed her own life, but  helped hundreds of other mums in the same boat.

Kayla Neal, 21, hardly ventured out for eight months after she gave birth to daughter Bonnie.



Last month she decided it was time for change and set up a Facebook group to ask if any other new mums felt lonely too.

Within four days a staggering 1,1000 people had joined the group, called Misadventures in Motherhood and Friendships. And they all said they would love to get out and socialise with their babies.

“I was so glad I wasn’t the only one feeling low and isolated. I didn’t realise how many other mums there were feeling the same," said Kayla, who promptly set about organising venues where she and her new-found friends could meet.

Just three weeks after it was formed, the group now has 1,600 members - and exciting events planned for every week.

With the help of a newly-formed admin team, Kayla organised a session every Wednesday at 360 play, where the management were so impressed that they offered group members a 50 per cent discount.

She is also planning regular sessions at Mini Monsters Soft Play Cafe at CMK, where members can buy a monthly pass for just £12.

The final venue is Safari MK at Kiln Farm.

“I’ve gone from seeing hardly anybody to having a great social life and new friends. It’s amazing,” said Kayla.

“Bonnie loves interacting with the other babies. She has made so many friend that I’ve lost count!”

A spin off from Misadventures in Motherhood and Friendships has been the support that members are giving to each other via Facebook.

Kayla said: “Some of the mums said they were lacking in confidence and worried about going out. But once we get together we all support each other and it really seems to work.”

The group also welcomes mums to be. Its Facebook page states: "You can post about anything, we give advice and we do not judge."