‘Let’s put MK on European map by 2020’

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Milton Keynes should become a “thriving dynamic European Destination City” according to the Council Plan 2016-2020.

City bosses were due to 
discuss the scheme last night, outlining their hopes to create 
a “city of opportunity”, “an 
affordable city”, and “a healthy city”.

But they also admit that the authority “will be doing less in future,”blaming the 
Conservative government’s ongoing budget cuts.

The document was 
created by the Labour and Lib Dem parties when they were the two largest groupings in the council.

As well as laying out their hopes for the future, several challenges are also flagged up.

Milton Keynes has an 
increasing elderly population as well as a growing number of young people.

Housing is becoming 
unaffordable, homelessness is rising, and the council expects to form new agreements with the public, businesses, 
community groups and other organisations.

The document also refers to the bid for MK to be European Capital of Culture in 2023.