M1 in Milton Keynes still several hours away from reopening following serious crash

Vehicles remain stranded on the M1 after the southbound carriageway was closed earlier today.

The M1 remains closed between Milton Keynes and Northampton this afternoon following a serious crash between a van and a lorry at around 10am this morning (Wednesday).

Live traffic showing gridlock on the M1 at Milton Keynes

Live traffic showing gridlock on the M1 at Milton Keynes

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All three lanes are currently closed between junction 15 and 14 southbound as emergency services and highways continue to work at the scene.

It is not expected to open until around 5.30pm today. Highways England has apologised for the inconvenience.

Officers from Highways England have been working for several hours to release stranded motorists.

The latest update stated: "We are now releasing traffic from the front of the queue through the works lane as well as turning traffic from the rear. Please remain in your vehicles and await further instruction."

If you are diverting off at junction 15 please use the A508 and A5 which will divert you back on to the M1 at J14.

All other routes advised are to use the A42 at J23A and then the M40.