Man did not realise he was dying after being stabbed by teenagers in Milton Keynes street

A man who was fatally attacked in the street by two teenagers armed with a knife and a baseball bat got into a taxi moments later not realising his life was ebbing away.

Ronnie Wrighting had suffered a stab wound so deep that it severed major blood vessels and almost severed his kidney in half, a jury heard.

Ronnie Wrighting

Ronnie Wrighting

But he didn’t realise he was bleeding internally and by the time the cab reached his Great Linford home he was struggling to move and couldn’t talk. Shortly afterwards he suffered a cardiac arrest and died.

The tragic story unfolded this week when teenagers, Zachary Lemonnier and Robert Williams went on trial, pleading not guilty to murder.

Luton Crown Court heard Ronnie, 29, had been waiting for a taxi in Browns Wood after visiting his young daughter on the night of Saturday, August 11, last year

It is claimed the teenagers approached him on a moped, possibly in a bid to rob him of his watch, and rained “blow after blow” on him in the road while residents looked out of their nearby houses horrified.

The pair, who claim Ronnie was trying to get into Williams’ home, stopped when the taxi arrived.

Prosecutor Martin Mulgrew said: “Unbeknown to the driver and Ronnie Wrighting, he had received a fatal stab wound to his right side.”

The wound was 16cm deep, the court heard.

Lemonnier and Williams, both 18, also deny robbery and an alternative charge of manslaughter. Lemonnier, of no fixed address, pleaded not guilty to possessing a knife while Williams, of Tallis Lane, Browns Wood, denies possessing a baseball bat.

The trial continues.