Massive £32.7 million funding boost means more police officers for Milton Keynes

A £32.7m funding boost for Thames Valley Police will mean more officers recruited to fight crime in Milton Keynes.

The increase, agreed last week by the government, is the third largest in the country for a force outside of London.

More police for MK

More police for MK

It is coupled with a rise of 13.2 per cent in the police precept of council tax paid by residents.

This extra precept alone will generate around £24m across the force area.

Figures obtained by Labour in 2018 showed the Thames Valley Police budget had been slashed by more than £80 million since the 2010 to 2011 financial year.

This week the new funding from the government was welcomes by Milton Keynes two Tory MPs Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart.

Mark said: “Thanks to lobbying by my colleagues and I, the government continues to recognise the demands on policing is changing with complex crimes such as serious violence and modern day slavery on the rise.”

Iain said: ““Since 2010 the police have done an amazing job bringing down crime..”

He added: “However, when more resources are needed Mark and I will always fight for more funding. We will continue to work the local PCC and Police Officers to ensure they have what they need to keep residents safe.”