Millions of trees in Milton Keynes to be spruced up in 2019

Millions of trees in MK are being spruced up
Millions of trees in MK are being spruced up

Milton Keynes’ 22 million trees and shrubs  will be given a spruce up  next year, thanks to a “greener and cleaner” investment from the council.

The Cabinet is this week due to set aside enough cash from the budget to improve and maintain trees that were planted when MK was first built.

Council leader Pete Marland said: “With 22 million trees having been planted here, we are putting extra money into tree maintenance.

“Many trees are now 40 or 50 years old and we need to ensure they are properly maintained. Many need to be coppiced and in some areas they need thinning back.”

He said the council will continue to maintain the ‘city of trees’ image by planting new trees in new communities as they are developed .

In addition to the tree fund and despite overall budget cuts, the council is pledging an extra £500,000 towards making Milton Keynes a cleaner place.

The money will pay for more street cleaner and also a bigger clampdown on fly tipping around the borough.

Pete (pictured) said ”Milton Keynes is a well-run council compared to neighbouring councils and now we are able to focus more on making the city cleaner and greener.”

He added: “Overall MK faces another tough year of Government cuts. But we are widely recognised as a well-run council that sets clear priorities. “

People are urged to report any issues with trees to either the Milton Keynes Council on 01908 252592 or the Parks Trust on 01908 233600.