Milton Keynes 360 Play centre evacuated after customer falls from soft play equipment

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A popular soft play centre was evacuated after a “larger than average” man broke through specialist safety webbing and fell several feet onto the floor.

Customers at 360 Play were ushered out this morning as the man was laid in a recovery position before paramedics arrived.

He is not believed to have been seriously injured and was taken to hospital as a precaution.

A spokesman for the popular Knowlhill centre said: “We made the decision to evacuate to give the man the privacy and respect he deserved after his fall.”

He added: “We are regularly inspected by health and safety and it does not appear our equipment was to blame.

“The man was larger than average, possibly 20 stone plus, and it appears the safety webbing on a deck broke. He fell onto a soft carpet.”

The spokesman said there was no weight limit in place at 360 Play.

The incident happened during the centre busiest time of year - February half term - when up to 4,000 people flock through the doors.

The centre reopened after two hours.

Lydia Greentree, Group Sales and Marketing Manager at MK 360 added: “It appears the incident occurred after the safety webbing on a deck broke. He fell onto carpet below.

“All appropriate safety checks and tests have now been made and there is no issue with the play equipment whatsoever.”