Milton Keynes cabinet member confirms £1.4m weight management contract

A Milton Keynes councillor has signed the city’s approval for a supersized £1.4 million contract to help children and new mums lose weight.

The weight management contract will be run by Chelmsford-based MoreLife UK and involve MK working with Bedford and Central Bedfordshire, with the city chipping in £193,200 each year for three years.

Weight management

Weight management

Yesterday (Tuesday) Councillor Hannah O’Neill, the Milton Keynes cabinet member for health and wellbeing approved the contract, which will have to also be given the go-ahead by Bedford and Central Beds.

Cllr O’Neill said MK is doing “a lot” with Bedford and Central Beds when it comes to public health work. “It is an opportunity to do something different,” she said. “I look forward to working with MoreLife UK.”

“It will not be a scattergun approach, we will be targeting towards people with obesity and weight management issues. We’ll be looking to getting in early.

“We will be working with pregnant women, children, and people in deprived areas who will benefit the most from losing weight. There are also good economies of scale.”

The council expects to save £74,400 over the three-year period of the contract, when costs are compared with the contract that ceases at the end of March.