'Monstrosity' new warehouse right next to houses should be ripped down say Milton Keynes residents

Residents forced to live in the shadow of a “monstrosity” of a giant warehouse are urging the council to revoke its planning permission.

The 18m high half-built structure in Yeomans Drive on Blakelands is just 21.5 metres away from houses.



MK Council granted planning permission last year for it to be built on behalf of GUPI 6 Ltd, despite widespread protests at the time.

Residents said it will block their light almost completely and be a blot on the landscape for ever.

Now, with rumours that GUPI are going into liquidation, they fear they will be left “a giant Meccano set” in their back gardens.

Last week resident Linda Wardlow confronted the council’s development control committee on behalf of Blakelands Residents Association to demand that planning permission be rescinded. She was backed by signatures from 327 fellow residents, gathered in less than a day.

“Do we live with a giant Meccano set in our back gardens for years until a new developer comes on board and finishes it, or rips it down and starts again?” she asked.

The committee promised to investigate, with chairman councillor Keith McLean admitting: “This is deeply regrettable situation. I am working with officers to get to the bottom of what happened “

He said mistakes could have been made in the setting out of conditions when the original planning application was granted.

He said: "I will work with officers to ensure that the developer undertakes building and operational works within the conditions of the approval. I will also challenge officers to put in place more robust processes, such that errors such as that made with the original application cannot occur in the future."