Report claims infamous Milton Keynes prisoner Charles Bronson has lodged an official complaint over 'fish and chip Friday' anger

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Bronson is serving time behind bars at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes.

The notorious prisoner says he has lodged a complaint after being served up croquettes instead of chips on 'fish and chip Friday' as reported by The Mirror.

The report claims prisoners are usually offered fish and chips with mushy peas on Fridays, a Christian tradition of not eating meat on Fridays which goes back centuries.

Bronson has been in jail since 1974 and was moved to MK from HMP Frankland in Co Durham in February this year.

The volatile character is said to have been left fuming after being served up croquettes instead of chips recently.

The Mirror claims Bronson, 66 - now going by the name Charles Salvador - wrote to friend Rod Harrison, informing him he had "slammed in an official complaint" about the food at the Category A prison in Milton Keynes.

He wrote: "You won't believe this... Friday Fish and chips... no chips here, only fish with croquettes.

"I've slammed in a complaint. I just can't believe it - it's tradition... English. Every jail in UK has fish 'n chips on a Friday."