Search for missing Milton Keynes girl Leah Croucher enters third week - here's everything we know so far

The missing person poster which has been put up around MK for Leah
The missing person poster which has been put up around MK for Leah

The frantic search for 19-year-old marital arts expert Leah Croucher enters its 18th day today.

Despite searches by dozens of police officers, exhaustive enquiries and days spent scouring CCTV, there has been no confirmed sighting the teenager since 8.15am on the day she vanished while walking to work.

Leah Croucher has been missing for nearly three weeks

Leah Croucher has been missing for nearly three weeks

Posters bearing photos of her adorn lampposts and shop windows all over MK, and police appeals for information have appeared in national papers, TV and radio.

All the appeals carry the same questions: Have you seen Leah and did you see anything suspicious on the day she disappeared?

Today the Citizen spoke to police to see what progress had been made. This is what we asked:

What are police doing this week to find Leah?

Police have searched MK and beyond

Police have searched MK and beyond

Police: "We have brought in resources from our Major Crime Unit, including detectives who are investigating, and a dedicated CCTV team who are obtaining and reviewing thousands of hours worth of footage.

We have continued our searches in Emerson Valley, Furzton, Shenley Lodge and Knowlhill, and conducted anniversary checks in Buzzacott Lane, Loxbeare Drive, Faraday Drive and Knowlhill on Friday.

Previously, our searches have included the assistance of a marine unit, helicopter and police dogs

We have spoken to a large number of Leah’s family, friends, associates and work colleagues.

CCTV shows Leah the day she went missing

CCTV shows Leah the day she went missing

Police officers along with volunteers have been handing out leaflets across the city during the weekend.

How many officers are now working on the case?

Police: "At any one time, at least 50 including uniformed officers, detectives and specialist search officers."

Do you still believe Leah is alive?

Leah selfie

Leah selfie

Police: "We are keeping an open mind as to why and how Leah has disappeared."

Do you think Leah could have been abducted?

Police: "We are keeping an open mind. "

Could Leah have gone out of the country and has CCTV at airports and ferries been checked?

Police: "At this time there is no information to indicate that Leah has left the country. All appropriate lines of enquiry regarding her disappearance are being pursued. "

Have police had any response from the public after all the media appeals?

Police: "We have received and continue to receive a large volume of calls from members of the public, who have come forward with information, all of which are being prioritised and investigated."

Where exactly did Leah go missing?

Police: “Leah’s usual route to work would be via Buzzacott Lane and then onto Faraday Drive using the redways to travel north towards Kelvin Drive in Knowlhill. We know that this is the route that Leah took on both Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th February, however extensive CCTV work has shown that she did not arrive in Faraday Drive on the morning she went missing - Friday 15th February."

What should people do if they see Leah or know anything about her whereabouts?

Police: “You can leave information via our dedicated website for this investigation, which is online here, call 101 or visit a police station, quoting investigation number 43190049929."