Iceland is selling a footlong vegan sausage roll - plus other plant-based treats

Just in time for Veganuary, Iceland has unveiled a new footlong vegan sausage roll.

The ‘No Porkies’ footlong sausage roll is a giant, vegan-friendly take on a classic sausage roll that the supermarket calls the “ultimate snack for vegans and flexitarians alike.”

The product features 12 inches of flaky, golden pastry, wrapped around seasoned, plant-based sausage meat. It can be cooked in the oven from frozen in 25 minutes.

The jumbo sausage roll will come in a pack of two and will cost £1.50.

Greggs frozen vegan range and other vegan treats

Fans of the Greggs vegan range can also stock up at their local Iceland branch, where the bakery’s frozen range is exclusively stocked. The offering includes the chain’s now famous vegan sausage rolls, as well as vegan steak bakes - both priced at £2.50.

The supermarket also has another treat for non-meat eaters this January, with the launch of their No Chick Southern Fried Strips, costing £3.

Each individual bite of vegetable protein is coated in a deliciously crunchy southern fried-style breadcrumb, making them ideal for a flavoursome vegan-friendly snack.

Shoppers can also currently pick up two packs of the frozen food retailer’s ever-popular No Bull Quarter Pounder Burgers, and No Bull Steak-Style Burgers, both £2.

For more information on the Iceland vegan range, visit their website here.

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