Ikea is recalling several products over burning fears - here's what you need to know

By Finlay Greig
Thursday, 20th May 2021, 1:28 pm
Ikea is withdrawing its Heroisk and Talrika ranges (Ikea)
Ikea is withdrawing its Heroisk and Talrika ranges (Ikea)

Ikea is recalling a range of plates, bowls and mugs over fears that they could burn owners.

The "Heroisk" and "Talrika" ranges have been available to consumers since 2019 and come in a variety of colours including; yellow, green, pink and blue.

They are now subject to a product recall due to their potential to rapidly degrade and break, potentially causing hot food and drinks to spill, posing a burning hazard to consumers.

There has been 123 reported breakages worldwide, with four leading to injuries. The Swedish retailer is yet to reveal how many products in the UK have been recalled, but a total of 148,000 units have been recalled in the United States.

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    In a statement Ikea said: "We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation."

    Which products have been recalled? 

    Heroisk (All sold in packs of two)

    Bowl green/yellow; Mug 25cl red/yellow; Plate with three comp red/green; Side plate blue/red

    Talrika (All sold in packs of four)

    Bowl white; Bowl red; Deep plate green; Mug 25cl red; Side plate dark blue

    What should I do if I own any of these products? 

    If you are in possession of any of these products you are urged to stop using them and return them to your nearest Ikea store.

    Upon their return you will be issued with a full refund even if you do not have a receipt for the product.

    For further information call 0203 645 0010.