Anglers dig deep for Willen Hospice

Rough weather, cold nights and slow fishing '“ that was the Furzton festival carp do.

Wednesday, 20th September 2017, 5:49 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th September 2017, 11:41 am
Prettiest fish in the lake? Dean Jasper's Furzton Fest koi. Pic Frank Norford

But it was a match which left everyone feeling as though they'd had a great weekend on the waterside and, thanks to the generosity of the winners who ALL threw their prize money into the pot and the hard work of the GoneFishin organising team, also raised almost £1,600 for Willen Hospice.

And together with the bank holiday matches, it brought the total for the hospice to some £2,500.

Come the final whistle Niven Woodfine and Jay Shute were winners for the second year-running, with 87-2. Rob Collins and Jay Murray were second with 39lb ahead of Matt Barton (also biggest fish at 18lb) and Chris Hall on 29-8. But with some cooking up curries and sharing them around...who caught what became almost immaterial!

A WEEK earlier, in a five-day fest on the Irish borders, city superstar Michael Buchwalder had continued cashing in on his winning streak as he and Roddy Scott won the Daiwa-backed world pairs – Michael getting the Individual title, too.

Winning the Lakelands inland waterways do – with a 143 kilo total, mainly chunky hybrids – was worth £16,000 to the duo and capped a four-year run in which they've had all four top-pairs slots!

A DAD and lad managed a 28lb common, reported through Waters Edge, from Linford Pines. Willards report perch to 2lb from Bradwell, where one guy has been taking hemp roach to a pound.

NATHAN Grant had a 22lb Tear Drops common and Jamie King a Wolverton Mill 16. Jim Gibbs caught several carp to 21lb from Lodge with Steve Lindopp netting a 20-4 – and Roy Cirigliano turned the clock back by swing-tipping for some nice bream and a tench.

A SWEEP of the local Ouse by crafty-stalker Phil Mapp saw him net another 6lb chub.

CITIZEN Cup, Olney Ouse, 32 fished: Neale Shearn 8-5, Pete Laughton 6-3, Paul Caton 5-9.

MKAA individual league penultimate round, Stony Ouse: Kevin Osborne 6-7, Alan Ford 5-7 Paul Hamilton (league leader) 4-15.

OSPREY, Lakeside: Ed Blain 83lb, Mark Wilson 77lb, Ian Millin 62-10.

MK Vets, Stockton: Paul Chapman 96lb, Bob Gale 51-6, Kevin Osborne 27-6.

KINGFISHER multi-club, Furzton: Neil Richardson 29-9, Dave Martin 27-5, Lee Jones 25-2.

CALVERT, Itters: Dave Lewis 28-15, Ben Upton 11-10, Andy Franklin 7-5.

LINFORD, canal, wharf: Mick Hefferon 6-12, John Hough and Ron Dorrill both 4-10.

FIXTURES: Sunday: Sherington Bridge Ouse open 07795 068438; Oct 15 Towcester open (Castlethorpe cut) 01908 563617.