Patience pays off for Mitchell

Some determined people have clocked up a month of blanks in pursuit of a Bradwell carp but Mitchell Ridgeway suffered only one – before landing a 19-2 common at his second attempt!
Dave Timlin and Gary Maton

Furzton gives up plenty of bites

Furzton's bream may have been a bit coy recently – on one day and off the next – but Dave Timlin and Gary Mason hit it on one of its better days...

Paul Andrews

Andrews smashes Bradwell Lake record

Paul Andrews quest for a big bream – a REALLY big bream – finally bore fruit on Bradwell when he netted what most would call the fish of a lifetime...a 14-15 mega-slab!
Den Reid

Den’s return to the ‘good old ways’ brings mega mirror

Never mind technology and fashionable trends, the old ways can still work best – and Den Reid is a master of the good old ways!

A 12-4 bream for Roy Crigliano

Chapman catches Angler of the Year prize

Hats off to MK Super-vet Paul Chapman – who has just won his way through to the high-profile Garbolino Club Angler of the Year finals.
Michal Majcher: chuffed with Furzton 21

Duo lead the way in Furzton

Brown fish really came out to play this week – especially on Furzton – as MK basked in glorious Bank Holiday sunshine.
Arthur Terrill has been getting among Bradwell's tench

All change at Bradwell thanks to grant

It must be spring..Bradwell's tench and bream are on the move – and some lucky rods are getting among 'em!

Drew Bostic

Drew breaks his personal best with giant catch

The heatwave from heaven for some...and from hell for others. That was last week's sunshine and yo-yo water temperatures.

Top-three in the Furzton three-day fest: Richard Tamala, Joe Carrass and Mike Buchwalder

Furzton fished rock hard but a good time had by all

A great bunch of lads having a great crack...and a lake which didn't produce. That was the three-day Terrie Tapp Memorial Furzton charity fest.

Willen Hospice's Lynette receiving 2,750 from MKAA's Dean Warren  proceeds of last year's Furzton festival

Generous anglers dig deep for Willen Hospice

Willen Hospice is £2,750 better off – thanks to all those taking part in the latest MK Angling Festival on Furzton.

Ian Woodman

Patience pays off on the last day of the season

Giving it a go on the last day of the river season really paid off for two lucky rods – though for most of the rest... sport was just plain dire!
CHRIS Denton finished his Lodge season with a double

Late catches as river season comes to a close

As the river season crawled to yesterday's close, only the most desperate were out there trying to catch something – anything!

The 'chub meister' Phil Mapp with new PB caught to order

Phil nets his own Beast from the East

Top of the pile – chub meister par-excellence – that's Phil Mapp...the man who went out Sunday evening and banked a new PB. To order!

Paul Housego

Deep freeze conditions call for desperate measures

With the 'Beast from the East' headed our way – and just two weeks left of a diabolical river season – some have been taking desperate steps to find sport.

Pete Deverick

Boocock leads the way for Lakeside

Another glum week for many, but not for Osprey as Lakeside – the fishery the club helped restore – came good for their latest match!

Arthur Terrill

Lambert’s perch leads the way

A chunky river perch – or nothing. That's how it was for most of those braving the banks over the weekend.

Kane Thompson

Plenty of chub available down on the river

Fancy a big chub? Then get down to the river, quick – there are a few coming out despite the weather!
Nuala Gray

Perfect venue for the angling championships

Furzton is in the national lime-light – again – chosen as the venue for the first-ever qualifier to pick an England team for the World Club Float Championships.

THREE Lodge carp in a session got Richard Purnell's 2018 campaign off to a flyer

Matchman Pete still frames despite making bird rescue

Braving seemingly Siberian winds, snow and sleet two city lads pulled off the one-two at Castle Ashby, Sunday.

Drew Bostic

Matchmen bag-up as redfins come on feed in local rivers

Chunky roach dominated two river matches 15 miles apart as Sunday turned out to be a real red-fin letter day for some lucky rods.

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