Alan makes the best of a bad peg

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Facing bitter winds and driving rain – on an Ouse peg even he would have paid money to avoid – Alan Ford thought he was on a total loser, writes Trevor Johnson.

But five hours later he had the other lads’ brass in pocket – having won Sunday’s MKAA get-together with four chub to 4-3 and some chunky perch for 22-2 from Toombes.

Trotting caster did the trick, and he said: “I didn’t fancy it one little bit when I got there, yet it turned out to be full of fish.”

Mark Haynes had 14-9 and Keith Harrington 10-7.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the angler in MK General suffering from Weil’s disease – the contraction of which by humans is, thankfully, extremely rare.

But its rarity is no comfort to anyone unlucky enough to get it, as its effects can be truly awful.

It is usually transmitted when rats’ urine gets into the victim’s mouth, most likely during eating/drinking/smoking with contaminated hands or utensils.

Some have already pointed to the number of rats around Furzton where he had recently fished...but just about every water in the land has rats.

And, especially in areas like MK – with rodent-attracting plastic sack rubbish collection and prolific fast-food outlets – you don’t even have to go on a fishery to come into contact with rat wee.

Chances of infection when fishing may be one-in-a-million, or whatever, but it would be wisest to carry antiseptic wipes or similar when fishing...and USE them.

Predator hunter Chris Siddall had the magnificent 21-14 pike, from a gravel pit using his own design and manufacture ‘drop off’ bite alarm which is sold through Bletchley’s Tackle Hub.

A PB 22-6 common, pictured, was among 11 carp – inc four 20s – landed from Furzton by Richard Purnell. He got soaked through but still had a ball.

A new four-leg pairs league – organised by the lads at GoneFishin – kicks off on MKAA’s canal, Sunday. Book on 01908 313158.

History was made on Tear Drops when Bruce ‘drynet’ Harvey finally won an MK vets match.

His four bream and 38 roach totalled 11-15 and are being talked about all over town (by Bruce) especially as his ‘big bro’ John was biteless. Dave McLlennan had 11-11 and Ernie Sattler 7-7.

Towcester vets, Dennets: John Balhatchett 18-4, Les Ramsden 17-3, George Cooke 13-2.

Calvert, Beachampton: James Lewis 8-2, Ted Brown 3-13, Barry Witteridge 3-3.

Towcester, Shutlanger Tove: John Broughton 6-13 (one chub and bits), Les Goodridge 6lb, Tony Hirst 5-10.

Linford, Birds Bridge cut: John Hough 4-7, Mick Hefferon 2-14, Steve Funnell 1-7.

Fixtures: Saturday, RBL charity open, Olney Ouse, 01234 240061; December 6, MKAA fur and feather, Ouse, 07703 556788.