Amateur boxer has ambitious Olympic dream

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BURGEONING boxing talent Damian Davidson is hoping to burst onto the national scene in time to compete at London 2012 – for Antigua & Barbuda.

The 25-year-old middleweight boxer is a four-time Home Counties champion and is currently ranked seventh in the country.

He trains both in Bedford and London under the guidance of former World Junior Middleweight champion Maurice Hope, but is Milton Keynes born and bred. However, he qualifies to represent Antigua because his mother was born on the West Indies island.

Davidson will only compete in 2012 if he can win an Olympic qualifier in the next couple of months, including one in London in October. He had planned to attend an earlier qualifying tournament in Baku, Azerbaijan, but has not yet been able to find a sponsor to get him out there.

“I’m on the team – I’ve just got to get training really hard and I’ve got a chance to qualify for the Olympics,” said Davidson, who won the Home Counties title for four years in succession from 2007.

“To qualify through the London contest I’ll probably have to win four or five fights over a couple of days, but I can do it.”

Davidson, who has boxed for Bedford ABC for more than 10 years, is now hoping to find the sponsorship he needs to fund his dream. He still holds down a full time job working in a factory, but says he wants to be able to train full time, and is more than willing to do whatever it takes.

He said: “I need sponsorship to train full time because I’m going to be boxing the best guys in the world. I’m working at the moment and it’s difficult to do both.

“But I want to be up and out the door running in the morning and train all day long. I’m up for the challenge and want to compete in London more than anything.

And expense means that he might have to forego some qualifying tournaments, like the one in Azerbaijan.

“We were planning on going out there but it costs too much to do it,” he said. “I’m hoping someone will recognise my talent and help me out.”

On his links to Antigua, Davidson, now living in Oldbrook, explained: “My mum was born there. My grandma was born there and my mum moved here when she was four years old, and my mum’s mum still lives out there.”

Competing at the Olympics would be a dream come true for Davidson and may even lay the foundations for a professional career in the sport, and he’s not scared of the current competition that would stand in his way in London.

He added: “I would love to. I’ve always wanted that. It’s the big dream to take part in the competition, not many people can say they’ve done it. If this all goes well that would be the next step.”

Anyone who might like to sponsor Davidson on his Olympic journey should contact him on 07866 655720.