Anglers and single malt whiskey do not mix well

Charlie Levy
Charlie Levy

Just when you think angling life couldn’t get much better, it comes back to haunt you, slapping you round the face with a rotten kipper.

Fate dealt Linford’s Roy ‘Didder’ Hefferon just such a bitter hand in MKAA’s Christmas match on the Ouse around Stony.

Enduring Saturday’s howling winds, he put together 3-11 – enough to take second and win a bottle of decent single malt.

But as he waved it on high in triumphant manner the top came off the cardboard tube and his £33 bottle flew out, performing a beautiful arc before smashing on the ground.

And, if that wasn’t enough ill-fortune, Didder – not being a scotch drinker – had already decided to give it to brother Mick, which meant both men ending up empty-handed and rather straight-faced: unlike three blackbirds which, having apparently sampled the spillage, were later seen tottering happily around the car park.

Mark Haynes won with 4-11 as Myles Phillips had 3-9 for third.

Braving the weekend’s weather Charlie Levy banked a 33-8 sparsely-scaled Park Farm mirror.

Maver MK finished fourth overall in Castle Ashby’s AT winter league.

The winds had down in time for Newport’s Riverside Meadow Christmas sweep, Sunday. Steve Glidewell put together 8-1 of roach and perch as Andy Skelton had 7-10 and Kevin Osborne 7-9.

Olney’s Ouse midweeker had gone to Pete Hawley, 9-5, ahead of Neil Shearn 8-3. Andy Webster and Ian Halliwell tied on 7-14.

Kingfisher’s Whitings Ouse do went to Austin Maddock with a 6-4 net of nice roach and dace. Colin Chart had 5-10, including a late chub, and Jeff Duguid 5lb.

MK Vets, Pattison Lane canal: Kevin Osborne 4-1, Bob Gale 4lb, Steve Chilton 3-14.

Calvert, festive do, Claydon Lake: Dave Lewis 0-15, Derek Bishop 0-13, Barry Witteridge 0-5.

Last week one man, awake throughout a Willen all-nighter, didn’t see or hear ‘owt...but come morning still found his spod-rod – propped behind his bivvy – had grown legs and ‘walked’.

And another, remonstrating with a group of poachers on the cut at Cosgrove, found himself facing threats and intimidation.

Neither reported the incidents to the police...meaning the low-lifes responsible are free to do it again

If you are the victim of such an incident, call the police on 101 (15p a call even on a mobile) report it and get a crime number.

That puts a little flag up on their electronic map, and the more ‘little flags’ that appear the more likely they are to sort an area out.

Your report may not solve your problem, but it could save others from the same or worse in the future.