Anglers dig deep on the lake

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More than £13,000 was raised by the ‘Carpin for Heroes’ mega-bash on Linford Lakes – money destined to help wounded British servicemen and women.

Some 130 anglers descended on the complex for a weekend of fishing, star-angler demos, a pig roast and jokes from comedian Jim Davidson.

The biggest fish landed during the 48 hour extravaganza came from Linford 1, went 31-8 and fell to Ross Marle, with ‘near misses’ of 30-2 and 29lb from the same lake.

Great Linford Tackle staffer Alf said: “Use of the complex and the pig roast were donated by owner, David Marle, so all the money raised went to the charity.”

When Rick Aldridge (reporting through GoneFishin) and a few mates Tried Kempston Lakes they shared 14 carp – mostly high doubles – and a ‘large number’ of bream.

Just 12 ounces separated the top three in Osprey’s Decoy Lakes match. Les Proud was top dog with 75lb of carp and barbel, followed by Ian Millin on 74-8 of bream, barbel and carp – four ounces clear of Mark Carter on 74-4.

Crucians and chunky roach made up the top weights in Towcester Vets’ do on Stockton Reservoir where George Cooke won with 25-15 ahead of Chris Howard 19-2 and Tosh Saunders – mostly roach to a pound – 18-12.

Tackle Hub’s Pete Craddock hit an MK canal hot-spot when, in a two hour evening session, he had more than 10lb of skimmers on the punch. And shop colleague Bob Gale netted a rush of good slabs – to almost double figures – and tench to 8lb during one of Bradwell Lake’s ‘on’ spells.

Three good bream helped organiser Dave Tebbutt win Newport’s Abbey Pits open with 14-3 – a pound clear of runner-up Paul Caton on 13-2. Paul Hamilton had 12-6.

Tuesday’s opening match of the DATS evening series saw Richard Lattimer on an end peg on the Navvi cut, from which he extracted 8-2 of skimmers to finish well clear of Alan Ford, 5-15. Ernie Sattler, who got off to a bad start by NOT drawing his usual end peg, had 4-0-8.

A 4lb TENCH is a good canal fish – and when it is hooked on a size 20 and number 2 flyweight elastic, it can be a real tackle tester, especially when the cut is alive with boats in the run-up to another bank holiday.

But Mick Hefferon was more than equal to the challenge as he beat his tinca while cruising to 9-2 win in Linford’s Bolbeck Park canal stretch. Steve Funnell had 3-2 and Ron Dorrill 3lb.

This year’s MKAA tickets are now available on line and should be in local tackle shops any day soon.

Tomorrow: John Harvey’s funeral is due to be held at 12.15pm at Milton Keynes Crematorium.