Angling by Trevor Johnson: April 17

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Almost a third of a ton of prime fish went into MKAA’s canal this week – its biggest boost in living memory, writes Trevor Johnson.

Valued by some as worth well over £5,000 – the shot-in-the-arm included roach to a pound-and-a-half, skimmers, good perch and rudd.

It came from the Canal & River Trust: part of national angling and fisheries manager John Ellis’ new ‘redistribution’ strategy...which is a real breath of fresh air to loyal, paying customers.

In parts of the country where long lengths of cut, plus marinas, have been ‘given up’ and no one pays to fish, he is netting the fish and moving them to areas like MK where clubs DO pay for fishing rights.

Can’t argue with that...sounds like a great plan to me!

MKAA canal liaison officer John Hewison witnessed the 730lb stocking (some of the redfins pictured) and said: “There were some really nice fish, including roach to a pound a half.”

The weekend saw Andrew Bird, netting tench to 7-4 at Bradwell Lake while Steve Lindop had a 20-4 Furzton mirror, and Dave Gunning is claiming MKAA’s ruffe record with an 0-3-8 mini-monster from the canal.

Osprey had a real carp fest at Rolfes’ Lake with nine ‘ton plus’ weights. Steve Waters was top on 268-8, Rus Hill had 246-6 and Pete Archer 207-15.

Browning dominated MKAA’s spring league opening round (Stoke House cut) with their Gold side on 40 points and their Black crew 32. Maver MK made second with 34. Andy Donnelly (Gold) had 6-11, GoneFishin Blue’s Paul Abbott 6-7 and Maver Blue’s James Mead 5-11.

Towcester, Bairstows: Dave Martin (3 carp) 25lb. Gerald Green 17lb, Dave Gibbins 9-12.

MK VETS, Tear Drops: Ernie Sattler 17lb, Bob Gale 16-8, Paul Swain 12-9.

LINFORD, Linford wharf cut: Steve Funnell 5-14, Mick Hefferon 4-12, Ron Dorrill 4-4.

Geraldine’s funeral (co-proprietor of the former MK Angling Centre) is set for April 29, 1.15pm, The Oak Chapel, Crownhill Crem, followed by a gathering at The Inn on the Lake, Mount Farm. Donations to Willen Hospice rather than flowers.

Do you find today’s canal towpath an increasingly hostile place to fish – manic against-the-clock mountainbikers ‘shouldering’ aside all in their paths, water-borne ‘squatters’ with aggressive dogs taking over path sections, etc? Then NOW is the time to speak out.

All you have to do is what most anglers are oh so good at – have a MOAN!

Go do the Canal & River Trust’s towpath-user survey at – or via – and tell it like it is! If you don’ will be helping undermine future generations’ canal fishing!