Angling by Trevor Johnson: April 25

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At last! Summer seems to be on the way – and rising temperatures helped get the carp well-on feed for Osprey’s latest match.

And Keiron Chavda made the most of it, bagging 157lb of carp on pellet over pellet at Rolfe’s lake near Oxford.

Way back, but still a happy man, Keith Stent had 77lb on meat and corn cocktail while Caroll Chamberlain did her bit for the ladies with 72lb on worm and pellet.

Brown fish were on the move at Alders, too, for Sunday’s do where Richard Brain won with 125lb ahead of Gary Thorpe 97lb, Matt Brayfield 75lb.

Newport’s Abbey pits Sunday open saw Kevin Osborne win by going for big fish on worm and red, and including three tench to 5-11 in his 16-2. Others went for ‘bits’, with Michael Buchwalder getting 10-6 of roach and bleak as Dave Tebbutt finished just two ounces behind.

City’s Pete Rear (pictured) went after real silver fish – rainbows – and landed Ringstead’s fish of the week, a 6-4 on a gold headed black fritz.

Big-hearted Furzton festival entrants have raised best part of £10,000 for WIllen Hospice over the years, and the latest £1,200 is pictured being handed over by co-organiser Nuala Gray (right of picture) to the hospice’s Lyn O’Gorman, at the association’s AGM.

Towcester’s Bairstows open went to Mick Goodridge with three carp for 15-14 as Dave Martin netted a 14lb brace and John Balhatchett had 10-10.

Most folk move forward with advancing technology, but Great Linford have switched to metric results because their’s has failed... their scales now permanently stuck on kilos.

Ron Dorrill won, Sunday on their ‘wilderness’, with 3.01kilo (6-10) while Mick Hefferon had 2.01 and Alan Hursey 1.78.

Lee Jones topped DATS’ Bailey’s sweep with 6-6-8 as Paul Chapman caught 5-5. Ernie Sattler had 5-4-8.

Spare a thought for MK vets co-organiser Ian Greenhood. Finally getting his first vets win, with 5-4 on Cosgrove cut, Wednesday, his time in the limelight was very short-lived... as most others were too busy celebrating that, most unusually, Ernie ‘every one a winner’ Sattler was not only out of the frame – but way down in 10th! Second and third? Oh yes, Paul Chapman 5-3 and Paul Neave 4-13 (93 tiny roach).

Sadly, long-time Linford stalwart Chris Rose has passed away. The JP leaves a wife and family and had served the club since way back in the days when he worked for MKDC.

Club elder John Hough said: “He really was as nice and as genuine a bloke as you could wish to meet.”

Anyone wanting funeral details should call John on 07831 758013.

Fixtures: Sunday, Towcester open, Wappenham Water, 07973 861174; May 1, Olney AGM; May 5, Newport Abbey pits spring league opener, 07795 068428.