Angling by Trevor Johnson: April 4

Paul Chapman with his giant wahoo
Paul Chapman with his giant wahoo

No wonder Paul ‘ROD’erick Chapman looks a bit flushed. Landing 40lb+ wahoo – hard-fighting strips of muscle with fins – can really take it out of an older geezer.

Then there were the blue fin tuna he also bagged from the ocean around Barbados, all that sunshine, and the shameless shorts... the latter edited out to avoid spoiling readers’ breakfasts.

Paul (pictured) probably also went an extra shade of pink IF he occasionally thought of his MK Angling Centre teammates back home, struggling without him in the MKAA winter league final round on Fenny cut.

Yes, he gave up all that bitter-cold March-day action and camaraderie with the lads just to fly MK’s angling flag in the Caribbean – Captain Jack Sparrow would have been proud of him!

But catching wahoo and tuna does have its upsides which, according to Paul, ‘helped soften the blow of missing the match’ and his mates.

Yeah – bet they were thinking warm thoughts of him, too...

At the opposite end of the temperature scale ConceptBaits product tester Dean Seath put in an icy night on the one small patch of Tear Drops which wasn’t frozen-over to bag a pair of low doubles from alongside some snags. Maybe Rod had the right idea, afterall?

Right place right time. That was Osprey when they fished Arran’s lake near Essex, Sunday, and Mick McMillan won with 111lb of carp as Barry Mason netted 76lb, Darren Cannock 75lb and Lol Summers 67lb.

Towcester’s away do on Peatling Pools saw Mick Goodridge (their answer to Ernie Sattler) with six carp and some bits for 18lb. Darren Pannell had 12lb of roach and ‘ferret’ Keele 10lb.

Stockton fished rock-hard for Towcester vets as Gerald Greene had 5-5 of roach followed by John Balhatchett 1-8 and Mick Read 1-1.

MK vets’ Willowbridge cut midweeker went to Dave McLennan with 3-5 of bits ahead of Ernie Sattler 2-8 and Barry Witteridge 1-14.

Further south, by the Red Lion, Sunday, a freezing knock-up was won by Lee Jones with 1-8 as C’pn Chapman – down to earth with a bang after Barbados – had 0-4... and even Mr Sattler was nowhere with one tiny perch.

But Calvert’s Claydon lake match was the out-and-out leader in the ‘grueller’ stakes. Barry Witteridge claimed a moral victory as the only one to get a bite...and he missed THAT!

Fixtures: Tonight, April 4, Calvert AGM, 7.30 at the Prince of Wales, Steeple Claydon. Tuesday April 9 – Re-arranged date for MKAA AGM, 8.30pm MK Irish Club, Manor Fields, Bletchley.

April 7 MKAA club get-together on Cosgrove end of the Navvi and April 14 MKAA teams of 4 (canal) starts, 07703 556788 for either. May 1, Olney AGM, Two Brewers, written propositions in by April 12.