Angling by Trevor Johnson: August 1

Steve Lindop
Steve Lindop

Hanslope’s Richard Massey found a brand new carp hot spot – and had it all to himself... for a while.

But now news is out that he’s had several doubles – including a PB of 26-13 AND a few ‘wildies’ to 11-11 – from DATS’ Navvi canal section...which previously had hardly had a carp venue image.

Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson

DATS’ secretary Terry Valentine reports the fish mostly came to lead on the bread.

So did a 3lb canal zander caught near Cosgrove lock – ringing alarm bells among most canal regulars because of the tremendous damage the predator species has done to silverfish stocks north of Braunston.

WIth the odd sample caught as close as Stoke Bruerne, it was only a matter of time before some turned up at this end of the Stoke-Cosgrove pound.

They can hunt in packs, push prey fish into tight shoals, and in canals gudgeon are usually the first species eaten out of existence.

An alien species, Zs can be legally killed. Canal & River Trust fisheries manager John Ellis advises that anglers can help slow their spread by eating any they catch!

This 23-2 common, pictured, headed a 12 carp Furzton catch by Steve Lindop.

Wicker basket, solid glass whip, porcupine quill and bread – Bill Thompson, pictured, fishes the old fashioned way...and was catching Tear Drops bream to 3lb while hi-tec anglers either side blanked in Friday’s heat.

Olney’s Ouse produced its first recorded barbel of the season, Adam Barwick’s 10-8.

That man Sattler has been at it again, storming MK vets’ Furzton midweeker with 39-11 of roach on the pole, followed by Richard Lattimer 26-1 and Austin Maddock 16-7. Three days later Ernie was among Furzton’s roach again, winning LBC’s do with 20lb as Ian Smith had 11-8 and Carl Yeowell 11-6.

Calvert whopped Steeple Claydon in that club’s own backyard – filling the frame on Jubilee lake with Tony Richardson 32-6, Dave Lewis 27-13 and Bruce ‘dry net’ Harvey 26-14.

Towcester’s Darren Emery started a Monday off work with 8lb of Tove roach and perch... then the clouds burst on him!

An angler had a close call with a lightning strike on a pond near the city last week. When the heavens start rumbling and flashing around, play safe – lay down that lightning conductor rod and get into your car until the storm is over.

North Bucks Annual, Linford Wharf: Karl Ruditis 9-10, Paul Chapman 5-14, Lee Jones 5-1.

Kingfisher, Bletchley Boatyard: Steve Chilton 8-2, Mick Reynolds 5-11 (including a ‘mini’ carp), Robin Lett 3-10.

DATS, evening, Deans Road cut: Mark Morgan 4-9-8, Roy Hefferon 3-10-4, Karl Ruditis 3-3.

Olney, evening, Ouse: Pete Hawley 4-4, Barry Glidewell 2-14-8, Graham Prince 2-2.

Buckingham’s Seahawk Tackle closed yesterday but the business’ trophy arm (01280 817807) continues.

FIXTURES: Sunday, Furzton A, B & C sections closed until 2.30pm; Aug 13, Olney Ouse open 01234 240061; Furzton Festival – see MKAA club card or for details.