Angling by Trevor Johnson: August 22

Laura Hansard
Laura Hansard

There are no big barbell left in Adams Mill – or most of the rest of the local Ouse – right? Wrong! And the Environment Agency has just proved it.

Yes lots have gone, and the rest are still under threat from, in particular, a certain species of aquatic mammal. But some are still there, growing, and probably spawning.

Andy Stapleton

Andy Stapleton

The 13 pounder (pictured) with EA fishery worker Andy Stapleton was one of four good ones found in a short section of Adams last week, together with a few juveniles.

The latter are thought to have been spawned in the river, and checks on their scales should prove or disprove that.

The EA lads also found several barbel to 12lb + – along with chub to 6-8 and numerous other fish – in the ‘Wolverton Ouse’.

Nine year-old Laura Hansard (pictured) became an instant convert to angling when she borrowed dad Paul’s rod and banked this 6lb Wolverton Mill common.

Maver MK Green are the MKAA summer league kings, finishing with a win at Furzton, Sunday.

MK Black’s Roger Clutton won with 35-2 of bream ahead of Green’s Steve Roe 33-3 and that side’s Phil Wintle 27-15-8.

Phil Bardel (GoneFishin) was series individual champ, beating Clutton on weight.

Table: MK Green 76, MK Black 73, MK Angling Centre 66, GoneFishin 61, DATS 59, Team Caster 58, Ampthill 53.

John Harvey topped the latest MKAA Individual league round, on Tear Drops, with 17-4 of bream. Alan Ford had 17-2 and Kevin Osborne 13-10-8 of roach.

Alan West topped Osprey’s Pidley Lake (Huntingdon) do with 108lb. Russ Hill netted 70lb and Keiron Chavder 63lb.

Ernie Sattler won DATS’ evening league final round, on the cut, with 8lb. Richard Lattimer was second with 7-6... and won the series with 128 points, 10 clear of ‘end peg’ Sattler.

Les Goodridge was NOT popular in Towcester’s Bairstows do. Chased along the bank by angry wasps he’d disturbed at his peg, he left a few vicious little blighters with each angler he passed...

Drama eventually over, his bro Mick won with 39lb – largely four carp – as Tosh Saunders had 12lb, Steve Smith 10lb. Visiting Flore & Brockhall ‘guest star’ Rob Rawlins was last on 1-8... and three wasp stings.

Following an hour’s weed clearing on Claydon lake, Calvert’s went to James Lewis 11-5 ahead of Dave Lewis 5-15 and John Weatherall 5-5. Weed clearing party set for 8am Saturday.

Olney’s Tuesday Ouse open saw Les Wallis win with 8-1. Pete Hawley had 6-8 and Lee Jones 4-12.

Towcester vets, on the Navvi: Gerald Green 5-8, Graham Martin 3-4 and Pat Jaquest 3-1.

FIXTURES: Saturday, Furzton Festival ‘float only’ match and Monday (bank holiday, Aug 26) Frank Swan memorial open, Furzton – call 01908 506678 for either. September 1, Olney open, 01234 240061; Sept 22, Citizen Cup, Olney Ouse, £500 top prize, limited to 60 tickets, call 07795 124165 or email