Angling by Trevor Johnson - December 26

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What a way to finish the year – using your own home-made paste to bag a 7-2 Ouse chub, writes Trevor Johnson.

That was Stewart Harris’ top fish in a magic evening which saw him also land two others over 5 and a further brace topping 4 on paste-wrapped boilies.

But perfecting his paste apart, the ‘thinking’ angler was also trialling an innovative way of presenting it, using Enterprise pellet skins, when he had the biggie.

He was stuffing the small rubbery cups (designed to grip 8mm pellets) with paste, his theory being the technique allows chub to smell and taste bait without being able to suck it off the hook.

“I gave a spot, where I’d already had a fish, another go – this time using paste-filled pellet skin.

Twenty minutes later I had a very gentle bite and was into the big one,” said local lad Stewart.

In MK vets’ Alders pairs match Terry and Charlie Lancaster won with 135-4 of carp. Paul Barnes and Ernie Sattler had 99-12 with Ron Bull and Ian Greenhood on 77-10. Charlie had top weight, 89lb, with Ernie on 56-1 and Ron 52-15.

DATS’ Navvi cut do saw Kevin Osborne in fine form with a 2-11 perch and a 1-7 roach in his 8-11. Rus Nash had 7-13-12 and Paul Chapman 7-7-8.

Perch helped John Balhatchett to 11-14 when Towcester fished Cosgrove cut midweek. Graham Martin had 5-11 and Tosh Saunders 4-7. The club’s Sunday do, further along on the Navvi, went to Darren Pannell 5-12 ahead of Grenville Read 4-5 and John ‘the vicar’ Broughton 4-2.

Olney, Ouse, Emberton Park: Pete Hawley 9-0-8, Neil Shearn 8-8, Les Wallis 4-5 – roach dominated.

Linford, ‘Wilderness’ canal: Dave Tysoe 3-13, John Hough 3-8, Ron Dorrill 1-10.

Sad end to 2013: Team Raiders’ skipper Paul Neave passed away before Christmas. His funeral is set for 10.45am, New Year’s Eve, at Crownhill Crem. Commiserations to his family.

I can’t reveal his name...but we could all learn from a Bletchley lad roused from his pit by grim-faced police banging on his door at 5.30 in the morning.

Seems they’d checked his car...and found the windows covered in swarms of big flies – on the INSIDE!

Their jobs so often involving the truly horrific, they went door-knocking to see if the vehicle’s owner had been seen alive of late.

But instead of a body, they found a red-faced angler with the explanation that he’d left a couple of pints of maggots in the car (which hadn’t been used for a while) and that the lid must have come off allowing them to escape and hatch out in their thousands...

Bet those officers are still wondering why there isn’t a law against such things.

Happy New Year you all. And remember to keep your lids on tight in 2014!