Angling by Trevor Johnson: February 14

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PEOPLE often say a fish ‘felt like a log’ on their line – but how often do you repeatedly snag a log...only for it to suddenly ‘come alive’ as a thumping great fish?

That happened to Steve Wells when, desperate to get on the water somewhere, he lure fished the flooded rail viaduct end of Whitings.

He’d already tried the backwater, ‘tempting’ a selection of roots and genuine logs, before making a last ditch effort in a far bank slack right up against the footings of the viaduct.

Using the soft-bodied ‘snag free’ lure pictured, he cast into it several times, repeatedly making glancing contact with an irritating ‘log’.

A research scientist in his day job and no mug – he was completely fooled, and on the next cast tried gently ‘drawing’ the log out of the way.

“That’s when it swam to the surface, thrashed about, and headed off at speed as the hook came free.” Yes there are some big pike on Whitings.

With the river at Stony rising throughout the match, Sundays MKAA winter league was never going to be a cracker.

GoneFishin’s Paul Abbott won with 15-3 of good chub and perch, but second spot went to just 4-6 (Team Raiders’ Dave McLennan) with team-mate Alan Ford on 3-13-8.

Raiders won on the day (18 points) and lead the league, 30 points, with MK Angling Centre (11) on 27 and GoneFishin (15) 25.

Visitors Leighton Buzzard trounced Towcester on the Tove as their Ray Cook had three chub for 9-14. Towcester’s Darren Pannel netted 6-2 and Leighton’s Ian Banks 3-11. The teams totalled 15-13 and 7-10.

Osprey’s Tylers Common, Essex, trip saw Steve Grant with 73lb of carp, Darren Cannock 70lb and Loll Summers 69lb.

At the other end of the scale(s) Linford’s Wharf cut do went to Nigel Steele, 0-11, with Mick Hefferon on 0-10-8 and Dave Tysoe 0-7-8. John Hough had turned up minus his brolly... and went home, soaked, and bite-less two hours later. Altogether now, aaah...

But for dismal, Olney’s Knight Shield, Saturday on the Ouse, takes some beating. Graeme Prince had 13 bleak for just 0-4-8 (wait, it gets better, or worse) as Dave Partridge had 7 for 0-2 and Paul Caton 0-0-4.

MK vets’ Stony Main midweeker went to Nigel Steele with 10-4-4 of perch. John Hewison had three roach for 0-12-8 and Dave McClellan 15 for 0-9.

Maver MK’s Ian Smith won a Castle Ashby open, Sunday, with 42-2 of bream and roach with pal Roger Clutton second on 38-12.

Ringstead, among the nearest trout waters to MK, opens March 1 and the picture shows another double figure ‘stockie’, going in watched by owner Rosemary Foster and grandson George.

Fixtures: Sunday, Olney open, 01234 240061. Catches or matches to report? Call Trevor Johnson on MK 270000.