Angling by Trevor Johnson: February 28

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Some say there are moments when ‘the earth moves’... However, for Gary Britton it was the bottom that ‘quaked. Leastways, that’s what it must have felt like as he hit into the local Ouse chub of the year – a powerhouse fish eventually taking the scales all the way to 7-10!

An afternoon session had seen the veteran matchman working single maggot, on 16.5 metres of pole, through a nine-foot deep run on an MKAA section when he hooked it.

Probably the biggest from the river upstream of Olney this season, the fish (and Gary of course) are pictured above by Alan Ford.

Can anyone beat 7-10 before the river season ends on March 14?

Good guys from the Environment Agency’s fishery team have been stocking local waters again this week.

First they dropped some 5,000 small roach and skimmers, from a lake outside the city, into Lodge lake. Then they added another 1,500 mini-barbel – reared in the EA’s rod licence-funded national rearing unit – into the Ouzel and Ouse.

Some 18,000 fish, mostly junior barbel, have been stocked into the river and its tributaries over the past three years.

Generally they have gone into areas where the EA has improved spawning beds, with the ambition that they will kick-start self-sustaining populations in the wake of over-predation.

There is also talk (more next week) that the EA is to introduce a three rod rod licence to save ‘three-rodders’ having to shell out for two two rod tickets as at present.

Alders’ open saw Colin Fossdick win with 101-12 of carp, ahead of both Gary Thorpe 79-5 and Andy Blackwell 61-2. Osprey’s Lakeside sweep went to Tony Winnock with 90lb. Andy Boocock had 55lb and Lol Summers 53lb.

Fish were scarce in Sunday’s Stony Ouse MKAA winter league leg, which was won by Ampthill’s Stuart Keightley with 7-10.

MK Angling Centre’s Ernie Sattler had one fish...a 6-8 chub! And out for Team Raiders, Gary Britton also had one but, unlike his midweek fish, it went just 1-10.

GoneFishin won on the day and, with one round to go, now lead the league on 42, with ‘Raiders 41 and MK Angling Centre 35.

On Towcester’s Tove John Broughton had two chub for 5lb and Mick Goodridge one... for 0-2-8. The rest did not weigh.

Only three weighed in in Olney’s 18 peg Ouse charity open. Graham Clippson included a 2-10 perch in his 3-4, Alan Carr had 0-15-8 and Mick Burrell 0-8.

MK vets’ Riverside Ouzel midweeker was hit by high flows, thought to be run-off from Caldeotte and Willen. Dave Ridgeway had 2-12 followed by Paul Hamilton 2-6 and Roy Hefferon 2-1. Might have been even worse had they waited until the weekend?

Maver MK pulled a few payouts in Sunday’s Castle Ashby opens: Roger Tebbutt made a 2nd (15-14) John Kent a 3rd (15-8) Roger Clutton a 2nd (19-7) and Ian Smith a 3rd (15-7).