Angling by Trevor Johnson: February 7

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CARP were mad on the feed when Osprey fished Lakeside, Sunday, with the winner topping the ‘ton’!

Long-poled pellet brought Mark Carter 102lb of carp and silvers with Lol Summers netting a respectable 59lb ahead of Ian Millin on 49lb.

Towcester vets had a ball with Astwell Mill’s roach, midweek. Gerald Green was top of the grandpops with 21-15 of 3 to 4 ounce roach on maggot. John Balhatchett had 17-11 and Tosh Saunders a 3lb tench and enough roach for 16lb.

Four days later, following a frost and the colour dropping out, it was a different world as Darren Pannell won a club sweep with 6-7 ahead of Grenville Read 4-7 and Les Goodridge 3-12.

With the floods gone (for the moment) were are the fish now? Last week’s raging torrents have ‘restocked’ the cut at Stoke through Grafton with, for the moment, comparatively naive chub and dace. Mike Sando is pictured above with a 12 ounce sample caught on Sunday.

However, water pouring out of the cut is sure to have taken some of its roach and bream into the Tove downstream of the influx – many of which will end up in the Ouse below Cosgrove.

Olney’s railway sleeper bridge, washed away by floods and then moved again by more floods, has been found caught up in an Ouse-side tree way downstream. Now all they have to do is get a lorry across a boggy field to recover it... Maybe easier to start again lads, and this time fix it down – wood FLOATS don’t y’know?

Mark Haynes topped Newport’s Riverside open with 15-13 of roach and dace while Martin Greene had 13-11 and Steve Rose 8-2.

DATS’ canal do saw Ernie ‘golden boy’ Sattler catch 6-11 of punch roach – way ahead of Rus Nash 1-12-8.

A week after winning a river open in March, city-rod Michael Buchwalder has won on the Spalding Wellend with 250 roach for 32lb.

Last week’s 1976 Newport AGM photo prompted lots of calls naming most of those pictured.

They are (left to right back row): Don Wills, Geoff Armstrong, the late great Ivan Marks, A.N.Other, Pete Faulkner and Chris Ringer.

Front row; John Shann, Roger Stratton, A.N.Other, Terry Emens, Derek Walls. Can you identify the other two?

Two major floods – coupled with crayfish burrowing – have made river banks particularly unstable in places, with deep undercuts potentially leaving anglers sitting on weakened ‘shelves’ which could collapse any moment...

GoneFishin co-proprietor Richard Swan was shocked to see a pike (hooked on the ‘flier’ peg just up from the point bend on Toombes, Stony) to see it completely disappear UNDERNEATH him as it dived into a deep undercut. Be warned: don’t sit close to the edge anywhere!

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