Angling by Trevor Johnson: January 2

Raphael Kyte
Raphael Kyte
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Same place – but new people and a new name! Bletchley is to get a brand new tackle shop right where MK Angling Centre used to be.

Closure of that emporium three months ago saw the Victoria Road site, and the south end of the city, without a tackle business for the first time in more than 40 years.

But, for best part of a month now, Pete Craddock and Karl Ruditis have been beavering away behind the brown-paper covered windows to get it all fitted out and up and running.

Looking like ‘the most unlikely lads’ when it comes to DIY the pair, pictured, intend to have ‘The Tackle Hub’ fully-stocked and open for business on January 31st.

Are we about to start the year with a REAL lift-off in river big-fish sport?

The yuletide flood which turned the Ouse, Ouzel and Tove into an inland sea could be just what has been needed to finally convince the big chub and whiskers it is time to get their heads down for a proper winter feed!

That said 15-year-old Raphael Kyte (pictured) out for a pre-Christmas evening with his dad, has already found one Ouse barbel willing to have a go when he swim-feedered maggot in four-feet of rapidly rising floodwater.

And what a fish – at 12-11 it was both his personal best AND his first-ever Ouse whiskers!

Happy days for dad (two roach and a gudgeon) and lad.

Reported through Willards Tackle, Sam Weir had two 20lb pike from the Newport Ouse before the floods came and, reported through the same shop, pike of 18lb and 14lb were caught from the cut back of Bradwell lake (before it temporarily ‘became one’ with the river).

Friday’s Towcester do on Astwell Mill left Mick Goodridge with a nice warm glow when he won with a tench and a bundle of punch-roach for 8-13. Tosh Saunders had 4-6 and Darren Pannell 4-4.

Two days later Goodridge made it two in a row as he topped the club’s silverfish sweep on Wappenham Water, tying on 6-8 with Richard King. Wayne Robinson had 4-8.

DATS’ Sunday outing to the Cosgrove cut big bend saw John Harvey net a 3lb bream – first put in – and go on to win with 6-12 as Garry Britton had 4-1-4 and Bob Gale 1-8-4.

MKAA’s club get together, on the Navvi cut, saw Kevin Osborne continuing his run (he may yet change his name to ‘Ernie’) with 5-7-12 as Gary Britton notched 5-4-8 and Paul Chapman 2-10-12.

Linford found just enough of their ‘Morgan canal ice-free to stage a match, Sunday. Mick Hefferon had 4-1 and John Hough 2lb.

And Calvert struggled – really struggled – on Clayon lake. Del Bishop had 12 roach for 0-10.

The rest... don’t ask! Better luck in 2014 lads.

FIXTURES: January 12 MKAA winter league teams of four opener, call 07703 556788.