Angling by Trevor Johnson: January 24

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HAS anyone seen our bridge? What must be one of angling’s strangest ever pleas comes this week from Olney & Clifton.

Back last ‘summer’ they built the bridge over a deep, swampy ditch cutting across the path on their Goosey Ouse section. Massive, it involved some 20 or so railway sleepers.

But it wasn’t fixed down – and though probably weighing a tonne... wood floats... and recent floods carried it off downstream.

Club elder Ron Bull said: “It was seen half a mile downstream but another flood carried it away before we could do anything about it.”

Anyone spotting a wayward sleeper bridge should call Ron on 01234 712883. A reward? You’d have to ask...

DATS braved Sunday’s blizzard to fish the Main. Don King won with a 5-10-8 chub brace,

Paul Chapman had four fish for 0-3-8... and the weight of snow on Rus Nash’s brolly broke the pole – burying him in a mini-drift!

City lad Michael Buchwalder travelled to March (Cambs) to win a snowy open on the Old River Nene, Sunday, with 15-15 of roach and skimmers from a town centre peg.

Local rod Rob Harriman is hoping for a catch of a different kind on Saturday’s BBC 1 National Lottery show. He is apparently one of only a handful to get into the big quiz out of some 8,000 who applied.

Standing like a snow-covered tree trunk, watching an unmoving quivertip on the Ouse at Stony, Sunday, I was startled by a labrador dashing up, shoving its head in my bag and making off with two slices of bread.

Before I could move, its indignant owner hurtled out of the bushes to grab said mutt and lever the bread from its jaws.

“Don’t worry, love,” I said, “he can have it. I’m just going.” With a look that could have melted three inches of ice, she snarled: “Oh no HE can’t. HE mustn’t eat THAT!” And she hurled the soggy slices back at my feet!

Well I know it was cheap stuff from Aldi... but there was no need to be like THAT!

This 1983 nostalgia snap shows a much younger Roger Stratton and the late Bob Chase with nine carp to 17-9 all on bread (pre-boilie era) for 103lb from Fenny cut.

That catch REALLY rattled the national headlines from 30 years ago, as canal carp were still something of a novelty back then.

Several hundred small ones had been introduced by BWB back in the 70s, after an ‘engineering’ accident emptied five miles of canal into neighbouring fields, killing resident fish stocks.

The new stock disappeared for a while before suddenly re-appearing in the early 80s weighing from 6lb upwards. Some later hit the 30s, attracting what became today’s generation of big fish anglers.

Fixtures: Sunday, Ouse around Stony; Feb 3, Newport river open, 07718 392639; Feb 4, Beacon AGM, 8pm, The Inn on the Lake. Feb 17; Olney charity river open 01234 240061.