Angling by Trevor Johnson: January 9

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What a rubbish start to the angling new year that was, writes Trevor Johnson.

Water, water everywhere – and barely a drop fit to fish!

The long-awaited ‘winter flush’ flood started pre-Christmas...and has been roaring through ever-since, turning rivers, lakes and canal into a great big muddy mess.

One exception has been the cut south of the Black Horse but, thanks to a frost among frosts, even that failed to really do the business on the first weekend of the year.

Osprey probably had the best of Sunday’s sport when they fished Lakeside, near Towcester. There Tony Winnock alternated between pole, waggler and feeder to notch up 68lb of carp and silvers as Ian Loveday had 57lb and Colin Drage 45lb.

Paul Jones (pictured), reporting through Gonefishin, fished the cut in the Bradwell to Black Horse area at the turn of the year to net carp of 20-10, 20-4, 17-2 and 13lb during a short day-time session. Roll on summer!

Reporting through the same shop Ed Rainbow and Paddy Sheehan toughed out the weekend’s ‘orrible’ conditions on Furzton to nab the mirrors of 21lb and 20-8.

It was carp or a dry net when Towcester tried the ultra shallow Bairstows on the morning of a really thick frost. Graham Martin had two for 23-8 and Mick Goodridge one of 8lb.

Much the same scenario greeted Calvert when, flooded off the river, they journeyed to Hill Cottage Farm. Dave Lewis landed two carp for 10-3, Barry Witteridge a pair for 9lb and Derek Bishop one of 5-7.

Keen to avoid the muddy-flood pouring into their Navvi section from the Tove, DATS opted to fish Linford’s Black Horse section.

And that turned out to be a great move for Paul Chapman as, in the clearer water, he bagged 5-1 of roach to pocket the match pools AND £160 from the golden peg pot. Happy lad. At adjacent pegs Mark Haynes had 3-12 and Steve Schubert 2-15-4.

MKAA’s New Year’s Day hangover open, flooded off of the Ouse and onto DATS’ Navvi cut, was won for the second year in a row by Garry Britton – this time with 4-9-8 – with Kevin Osborne on 3-4 and Bob Gale 2-14.

Maver MK’s out-of-town end-of-year knock-up on Wold Farm went to Gary Underwood with 45-7 of carp and skimmers – followed by Bryn Wignall on 42-3 and Richard Lattimer with 23-11 of silvers.

FIXTURES: Sunday, MKAA winter league teams of 4 opener, call 07703 556788. Advance notice: May 24, Terrie Tapp memorial, Toft Farm, 01327351780 or