Angling by Trevor Johnson: July 25

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Gambling on the pole – and that water temperatures in the high 70s would have most fish feeding up in the water – paid-off for thinking anglers on Furzton, Sunday.

And those who did ‘the usual’, hard on the bottom on the lead in hope of big bream, mostly crashed and burned...

GoneFishin’s Phil Bardell won with 52-2 of roach and skimmers while MK Angling Centre’s Paul Chapman had 32-6 (mainly roach), Team Caster’s Mick Harnett netted 29-13, and Ernie Sattler from MKAC landed 22-11 – all of them using the pole.

MKAC made top team on the day and lead the league with two rounds to go. Team Caster tied with Maver MK Green on 19 but shaded them on weight...and at the other end of the table Maver MK Black’s ‘all-stars’ were last on the day. Average weight per man for the match was 13lb – not bad for a day without big bream bags.

When she caught her first Mount Farm tench, a 7-6 male, eight-year-old Mel Franklin (pictured above) showed a lot of ‘somewhat older’ Beacon members how to do it.

If you think catching chub on spinner is something confined to Mr Crabtree books, take a look at this picture of a 4-pounder banked from the Whitings Ouse by Steve Wells (the spinner is laid on the fish’s flank). It was one of a pair, plus several perch, he had on a stalking trip.

Trevor Price topped 400lb for the second time in a week by winning Alders’ midweek with 468lb. Simon Edwards had 340lb and Charlie Lancaster 320lb.

A 25-13 carp and roach net put Darren Pannell on top of the Towcester Wappenham Water sweep. Andy Jones had 18-4 and Pat Jaquest 17-14.

The club vets’ do on Stockton, midweek, saw Gerald Green with 25-8 of roach and crucians as Graham Martin had 14-8 of roach and Andy Jones 12-9.

Finding bream was tough in Kingfisher’s Lodge lake do. Keith Harrison did it for 13-4 – and picked up an extra £104 on the ‘golden peg’. Steve Chilton had 8lb of bits and Dick Peerless 5-2.

DATS’ two-and-a-half hour Furzton evening match went to Paul Chapman with 13-6 of seed roach. Roger Clutton had four bream 13-2-8 and Mark Morgan 12-8-8 of roach. Though 6th, Mark Haynes’ 6-15 was all roach around the pound.

John Weatherall, 8-2, won Calvert’s Itters pit sweep and a £50 golden peg bonus. Barry Witteridge had 6-11 and Derek Bishop 5-15.

Olney’s midweek Ouse open went to Neale Shearn 9-9 (bits). Pete Laughton had a bream, but lost a carp and finished with 8-7, with Pete Hawley on 3-10-8.

Austin Maddock was top MK vet on Claydon lake with 7-8 as John Harvey caught 7-4 and Mick Reynolds 6-15.

Fixtures: Aug 13, Olney Tuesday Ouse open 01234 240061; Furzton Festival – see MKAA club card or for details.