Angling by Trevor Johnson: July 26

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HARDER work than a factory shift – that was Osprey’s Sunday outing to Arrans Lake in deepest Essex.

With the sun blazing down the lads really sweated over their rods as the carp fed like crazy in the rapidly warming water.

And at the end of the sixhour match (with a half-time weigh-in) 20 anglers had landed the thick end of TWO TONNES – 4,386lb of fish.

Top individual was Loll Summers 435-6 ahead of Kieran Chadea 378lb and Mark Williams 302-14... and 200lb didn’t get near the top five!

Back on terra firma Bekka Corkett (pictured) – who featured in this column last summer with a 6lb Stone Park chub – fished worm on Tear Drop 1 for her first ever tench, which turned the scales to 3-10. Now she’s after her first pike and barbel.

And on Tear Drop 2 Martin Kingston’s 2am run resulted in the 20lb mirror on boilie, pictured below.

Tear Drop 2 also provided two of the top three weights in Sunday’s MKAA summer league round on ‘Drops 1 and 2 plus Lodge. Olney’s Bob Gale won from the latter with 49-3-8 of bream with Maver MK Green’s Dave Martin on 20lb and their Steve Wroe 16-14. MK Angling Centre lead on 19 with Olney on 33 and ‘Green on 30.

Alders Ash lake open’s top 3 totalled almost 550lb as Derek Smith had 189lb, Chris Telling 186lb and Simon Edwards 168lb.

Towcester Vets Stockton ressi match was a real roach fest with the top seven netted around 120lb of quality redfins. John Ballhatchett had 36-2, George Cooke 25-4 and Tosh Saunders 19-14.

DATS’ Furzton evening do saw Phil Bardell with 22-9-8 of slabs as Richard Lattimer netted 21-13-8 – all roach on the pole – with Lee Jones third, 18-3. Ernie Sattler leads Lattimer by 21 points with four rounds to go.

Pat Jacquest was runaway winner in Towcester’s Bairstows sweep as he banked three carp for 20-12. George Cooke had 10-12 and Les Goodridge 3-3.

Newport’s Abbey pits open saw Paul Abbott on 17lb of roach and skimmers ahead of Steve Drakulic 13-7 and James Drakulic 11-2. And Calvert’s Claydon lakes match went to James Lewis, 18-14, with Gordon Meakins 9-5, Darren Whelton 5-9.

Midweek on Claydon had seen Gordon Metcalf marmalise the other MK vets old geezers with 15-7 of corn bream. John Hewison had 6-12 and Ron Hillier 5-8.

Kingfisher’s Mill Road canal match saw Keith Harrison, on the rat-fields end, triumph despite heavy boat traffic, cyclists and others, with 15lb of bream from under a tree on pellet and pinkie.

Jim Martin topped Olney’s Tuesday Ouse open with 11-15. Les Wallis had 11-12 and Dave Partridge 9-9. Linford’s Bolbeck Park cut match went to Paul Neeve 3-13 with Mick Hefferon on 3-5 and Pete Watley 2-5.

Furzton Willen Hospice Festival: Aug 16 juniors (canal) call 01908 320007 (and also for ladies match); Aug 22, Vets (Ken Ball Memorial) 01908 566446; Disabled, Aug 24, 01908 608944; bank holiday open (Frank Swan memorial) 01908 506678.

Catches or matches? Tell Trevor Johnson on MK 270000. or on 01908 270000.