Angling by Trevor Johnson: July 31

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Hunting canal catfish makes looking for needles in haystacks seem ridiculously easy – but Chris Siddall does it better than most, writes Trevor Johnson.

Having caught MKAA’s 30-2 record 14 years back...he has found another one, albeit the rather smaller 14-4 sample pictured.

He’s also into big eels, though his catch rate on the cut is pretty low at just the one in the past 16 years – but that was a 6-1 monster!

Deadly determined he must be, but even Chris has limits and has just come back to the canal after a lay-off due to it ‘being so hard, particularly for the eels’.

He used a fish bait to tempt the cat, which gave him one of just two runs in eight nights – so far – of trying.

All ‘orribly sweaty in black plastic after three hours ‘on the stick’ on Newport’s red-hot Ouse, Paul Abbott may look in need of some support...but can still hold up his cracking silverfish catch, estimated at well over 20lb. Happy days.

More than 26lb – 70-80 fish, mostly silvers with a few perch to 2lb – was Gary Stevens’ reward for five hours on the canal in Bletchley.

But he said: “The downside was the amount of general rubbish floating by.” Clearing a lot as he packed up, he is urging others to follow his lead and help make the cut a better place.

Kingfisher’s Tear Drops do went to Keith Harrison with 14-3...but the REAL action was between the brothers Harvey for runner’s-up spot.

Bruce likes a laff while John takes his fishing, well, rather more seriously. With 30 minutes to go the latter had 8-1 in his net – while Bruce had tipped his fish back and was packing up when he had two quick bites and two slabs with 8-14 to steal second spot... Funny old thing, fishing. For some.

Reporting through Willards, Derek Walls had tench of 5-8 and 4lb from Bradwell Lake.

Towcester vets, Dog Lane: Gerald Green 84-14, George Cooke 73-4, John Balhatchett 69-11.

Calvert, Claydon lake: Tony Richardson 41-14, Barry Witteridge 19-7, Derek Bishop 8-10.

Towcester, Castlethorpe canal: Les Goodridge 9lb, Mick Goodridge 8-2, Darren Pannell 5lb.

Olney juniors, Ouse, 3 hours: Charlie Mynard 7-10, brother Jamie 3-10, brother Joe 2-12.

North Bucks Fed annual cup, Bolbeck Park canal: Lee Jones 6-7, Eamon Burke 3-11, Tom Hefferon 2-13.

Olney, Ouse: Pete Hawley 5-12, Barry Glidewell 3-2, Steve Mahoney 1-11.

DATS evening series, Linford canal: Chris Malia 5-10-8, Roy Hefferon 5-2-12, Dave McLlennan 4-6.

Who was the greatest angler to start their fishing career on the cut? Just for the crack cast your vote (starting tomorrow) on the canal & River Trust website at

Fixtures: Furzton closed midnight Saturday until 3pm Sunday; August 10, Newport river open. 07795 068428.