Angling by Trevor Johnson: June 13

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It is rewrite-the-rule-book time at Bradwell lake – with a stream of big bream and tench being caught during DAYLIGHT hours.

Universally regarded as night-time feeders most of the time, the water’s biggies have suddenly reversed their behaviour, and are falling to worm and corn close in, while boilies fished at range after dark go untouched for the most part.

‘Jon’ (pictured) had this 10lb bream, witnessed by bailiff Sean Wilson, caught on Saturday, while slabs of 9-11 and 8-6 were also caught, along with tench to 8lb.

“One guy had nine tench and an 11-8 carp on Friday,” claimed Sean. “And over the past month people have had roach to 1-8, perch to 3-8 and carp to 19lb – all witnessed by bailiffs.”

Somewhere far warmer, on lake Ribiere in the south of France, local lads Paul Housego, Craig Carder and Keith Cochrane have been having a ball with the big fat finned mademoiselles!

Their ‘annual pilgrimage’ saw them net more than a ton of fish, with Paul bagging more than 600lb, including the biggest, 63-8 leviathan, with which he is pictured.

Obviously the water is warmer there, and yes, we are assured that he was not skinny dipping there, but he does have a pair of shorts on under there.

Weighing more than a sack of spuds, his monster fell to a snowman rig and took more than half-an-hour to beat. They have already booked again for next year.

Back home on a chilly Tuesday, Richard Lattimer set the cut alight with 19-10 of bream to 3-8 – in just two and a half hours – in DATS evening sweep. Mark Haynes 5-11 and Roy Hefferon 4-6-8.

There was a runaway win for Gerald Green when the Towcester Vets hit Flecknoe where he caught 71-5 of carp. John Balhatchett had 49-2 and Graham Martin 31-11.

The latest Husborne Crawley do, run by Nigel Bass, went to James Drakulic with 47-4 of carp, skimmers and roach, with Will White close on 46-6. Jack Jones caught 35-7.

Calvert beat Buckingham in the Claydon lake interclub – taking all top three places and both sections, with Jim Lewis 23-5, John Weatherall 11-13 and Derek Bishop 7-4.

The new DATS ‘golden peg’ series started off with a £50 ‘reserve’ in the pot to add a bit of spice, and Gary Britton promptly claimed it in the first round with 14-7-8 on the Navvi. Steve Schubert weighed 6-13-8 and Ernie Sattler 5-5-8.

And the next golden peg starts with precisely nowt in the pot.

MK vets’ Brackley lake do went to Ernie Sattler, 14-15, with Barry Witteridge 6-10 and Mick Reynolds 3-12. Ian Greenhood got this week’s rubber duck with a classic blank.

Roy Hefferon won Great Linford’s wilderness sweep with 5-12. John Hough had 3-4 and Ron Dorrill 3-2.

Warning: anyone STILL breaking the bait boat ban on Willen is headed for a ban of their own.

Note: Willen South closed to angling Sunday June 23.

Fixtures: MKAA junior teach-ins Wednesdays June 19, Linford Lakes, and 26th Lodge lake, 01908 320007. July 7, MKAA summer league teams of four starts, Furzton, 07703 556788.