Angling by Trevor Johnson: March 13

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Anglers desperate to get some in before the river season closes midnight tomorrow have been bagging some cracking fish writes!

Amazing how, after weeks of virtually unfishable floods, the rivers finally settled just days before it becomes illegal to fish running water from March 15 to June 15.

Among those hot rods Ouzel regular Andrew Bird set a new PB for the river with a 6lb chub, using red maggot on a size 12 and groundbait feeder, and lost a good bream.

MKAA vice chairman Gary Maton stalked the same waterway to net four decent fish to 5lb and a dozen chublets.

Reporting through Gonefishin, Scott Tapp opted to fish out a swim with lob on the pole over hemp and caster. Result: NINE mid-sized chub for 20lb or more in just 90 minutes! Happy days.

The Ouse was also fishing well in places, especially for good perch. Olney’s 11 peg do saw THREE 3lb stripeys (best 3-6) plus some 2s and a couple of good tench landed as Graham Clipson won with 8-3 followed by Nigel Porter 7-1 and Alan Carr 3-9.

Perch to around 2lb also figured in MKAA’s Grand Slam on Hollands and Toombes where Paul Chapman had 6-13-8 ahead of Ernie Sattler 5-15-8 and Roy Hefferon 4-15-8.

And it was a similar story next day, downstream on DATS’ Main, as Alan Ford netted 10-7, Steve Schubert 7-5 (including a 4-8 chub), and Mark Haynes 6-2.

And perch to 2-8 or more dominated Towcester’s Tove sweep with Paul Keal top on 15lb, ahead of John Harris 10-14 and John ‘the vicar’ Broughton 10lb.

Midweek it had been a different tale as the club’s vets outing on the same stretch went to Terry Robinson 5-4 with John Balhatchet on 4-1 and George Cooke 3-9.

Reporting through WIllards, Sam Weir couldn’t get the swim he wanted on Newport’s Ouse...but still had 10 roach to an estimated 2lb on flake and, on much stronger gear, a 12lb pike before losing a huge snapper.

Fished on the Ouse at Buckingham, Calvert’s match went to Austin Maddock with 5-15 as John Weatherall netted 3lb and Dave Ridgeway 2-8.

It was carp all the way in Osprey’s Lakeside match where Tony Winnock won with 80lb, beating Darren Cannock 76lb and Charlie Lawrence 72lb to the top of the frame.

Leighton man Ken Gates (pictured) landed this 4-8 rainbow from Elinor trout fishery.

Certain ‘secret squirrel’ types have been getting among Willen’s carp recently... with fish to 30lb rumoured to have been banked.

MK vets’ do on Linford’s boatyard canal length saw Ian Greenhood WIN (some others apparently broke their rods afterwards...) with 11lb as Ernie Sattler had 8-3 and Paul Chapman 7-2-8.

Annual meetings: Towcester &DAA, March 19, 8pm, town Football Supporters Club; MKAA, April 2, MK Irish Club, Bletchley.