Angling by Trevor Johnson - March 20

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As air temperatures soared so did the pulse-rates of scores of anglers who suddenly found themselves into big fish!

And the most over-the-moon chuffed-as-a-parrot of the lot MUST have been the visiting rod who banked a Willen whacker reputedly turning the scales all the way to 42lb!

He has shown GoneFishin staff phone pictures of the fish – thought to be the common caught at 39-10 (still the MKAA record) by Sam Willis this time last year – and has promised to provide copies on his next visit to the shop.

Working in the area, he and a mate had been getting some in on Willen during their ‘off the job’ time.

And Concept Bait tester Dean Seath (pictured) had an authenticated 31-12 from the same water on a new ‘Enigma’ bait.

Down on the ‘Wolverton Ouse’ there could have been few more excited – and justifiably so –than Derek Brown (pictured).

Banned from the banks for months by his doctors while undergoing intensive treatment, he persuaded his consultant to let him get just one day in on the river before season’s end on Friday.

And what a day! Chasing his first-ever 6lb chub in 55 years fishing, Del landed TWO – 6-14 and 6-3 – plus two 4s and a two 3s all on bread...a terrific feel good tonic from good old ‘doctor Ouse’.

On last-minute impulse Ray House tried Stone Park at 5.45pm on the last evening of the season... and walked off at 11.45pm having had chub of 6-9, 5-9, 5-6 and 4-15!

Not to be outdone Tackle Hub-sponsored Bob Gale poled punched-bread on Toombes, Friday, to bag a 6-13.

Kingfisher clubman Paul Hack had fun with Ouzel chub to 5-8 and said: “Seven chub to 5lb plus on a 99p can of diced meat – who says the rivers have had it?”

Olney’s Ouse also produced a last-minute flush of biggies as Nigel Porter won a midweek sweep with 14-9 (inc bream of 6-12 and 6-3), David Partridge framed with 8-3 of perch to 3-3, and 3-9 of Paul Caton’s 7-4 was one perch.

Also on the club’s stretch Neil Baldock had a 6-11 chub and Paul Crook a 6-7.

In MK Vets midweek ‘Stony Ouse’ do Nigel Steele faced a split-second decision: land a 4lb-ish chub or save himself as his seatbox began slipping. He chose to stay dry but still won with 9-12 (inc a 5-5 chub). Ernie Sattler had 6-8 and Paul Chapman 5-12.

DATS, Cosgrove cut: Bob Gale 6-1 of bits, Paul Chapman 4-4-8, Dave Tysoe 3-11.

Reports are reaching nearby Willards of a stream of 2lb+ perch from Bradwell lake.

OSPREY, Pidley lake: Nick Darke 54lb, Arron West 39lb, Steve Potter 32lb.

CALVERT, Claydon lake: Austin Maddock 11-1, Tony Richardson 7-6, Derek Bishop 3-3.

FIXTURES: MKAA canal spring league opener April 13, 07703 556788.