Angling by Trevor Johnson: March 28

Mick Goodridge
Mick Goodridge

One of angling’s bedchair dozers? Be warned...fall asleep in your bivvy – and you may never get to wake up!

MKAA bailiff Rob Jolley had a startling wake-up call when – still half asleep – he put a foot out of bed... into nine inches of very cold, rapidly RISING floodwater.

His rude awakening came when, night fishing Bradwell, he nodded off unaware that floodwater coming down the Ouse would soon silently pour into the lake and right up around his bed!

By the time he’d got his kit together, the ‘tide’ was lapping the wheels of his motor in the car park...

It’s a lesson all who fish riverside pits, especially after dark, should take on board.

And the threat can be just as real on balancing lakes such as Caldecotte and WIllen, where the Ouzel’s automatic sluices can divert millions of gallons of water in, causing lake-levels to rise relatively sharply.

No wonder ‘Dougie’ Douglas is happy. Having unsuccessfully tried for his first 4lb river perch every weekend since Christmas, he finally cracked it with this bristling 4-1 Ouse fish on the last Sunday of the season.

He’d come oh-so-close the week before with an Ouse 3-15 (then a PB), and was thinking that was going to be it, when the bigger fish took his lob.

But Dougie’s wasn’t the only last-gasp river success. On the tiny Tove (10 metres bank-to-bank at most) Mick Goodridge, pictured, pole-fished the chub catch of a lifetime.

Using maggot, caster and corn he bagged a mind-blowing 25 chub – from 2 to 4lb+ and totalling a 60lb plus. He lost five others on a big ‘far’ bank snag, but had that snag not been there... the chub might not have been either.

Despite another weekend of Arctic winds and driving snow Osprey travelled to, and found small carp feeding in, Magpie lake, Essex. Darren Cannock had 30lb with Barry Mason and Peter Carter both on 22-12.

Maver MK’s Phil Wintle topped a Castle Ashby open with 32-4, Sunday.

Alder’s latest open saw Colin Spencer with 38lb followed by Carl Williams 29-2 and Nick Darke 28-11.

Gary Underwood, Steve Roe and Phil Bardell deserve medals – or straightjackets – for making it up the A5 for the Meadowlands teams of 3 final leg. With water temperatures at just 1 degree... Steve won his section with 9lb, helping them finish 6th from 16 overall.

Terry Lancaster and John Hewison’s England vets’ team trials ‘oop north’ were postponed due to the weather.

Fixtures: Tomorrow (Friday) Alders’ Easter festival starts, 07860 235655. Tuesday April 9 – Re-arranged date for MKAA AGM, 8.30pm MK Irish Club, Manor Fields, Bletchley.

April 14, MKAA teams of 4 (canal) starts, 07703 556788. May 1, Olney AGM, Two Brewers, written propositions in by April 12.