Angling by Trevor Johnson: March 7

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Best part of 50lb – mostly DACE to 12 ounces – in six hours. That was the triple A credit rated catch put together by Bill McDonald on the tiny Ouzel.

Taken on double bronze, in six hours near Newport, the Bletchley lad didn’t stop catching

until he ran out of bait. Totalling 48lb, his 240 (ish) fish catch, Sunday before last, also included a few roach, and he said: “With so many dace around the 12 ounce mark it has to mean that a 1lb fish is on the cards for next year!”

For most others on both that river and the Ouse, this week was mostly big chub or a blank for the second time in a row now – probably partly due to lots of cold water coming down river and, on Saturday, a minus 4 frost.

That meant blanks a-plenty – 14 in the 32 peg winter league round on Olney’s Ouse alone – where Paul Caton included a 6-14-8 club best in his winning 8-5 and, earlier in the week Jan Cebula had a 6-12 and Shaun Mynard a PB 6-11.

Midweek had seen Roger Stratton (he still goes when his missus pushes him out, LOL) trotting worm for chub of 5-12 and 4-12 on the Ouzel, and visiting rod Derek Brown (pictured) had fish of 5-14 and 5-2 near Wolverton. Spurred by Gary Britton’s Ouse 7-10 last week, I went on Toombes’ and had a 4-5 on Aldi’s cheapest white stuff.

The week also saw the Environment Agency bringing more fish into town. Having put 5,000 silvers into Lodge last week, they added another 1,500 mini-barbel into the Ouse and Ouzel.

Fishery officer Alex Malcolm is pictured adding some of the newcomers – reared in the EA’s rod licence-funded national rearing unit – at Monkston Park.

Visiting White Hart Dagenham found Whitings off form as Barry Neale won with two chub and a perch for 9-3 with Martin Searle 7-4 and Terry Bush, perch to 2-10 for 7-1.

DATS’ Sunday do on the Main went to Paul Hamilton, four perch for 4-10-4, ahead of Paul Chapman 3-4 and Ernie Sattler’s 1-4 of bits.

Towcester’s A508 Tove sweep had even more blanks as John Broughton won with chub and roach for 2-4 from under the road bridge, and Mick Goodridge had three minnows... for an alleged 0-0-8!

On stillwaters Phil Young needed ‘only’ 72lb to top Alders’ Sunday open followed by Josh Blevins 67-15 and Nick Wooding 61lb. Midweek, MK vets’ outing there saw John Harvey win with 56lb as Paul Chapman had 56lb, Dave McClennan 6lb... and two did not weigh!

George Cooke was the top Towcester Vet on the Navvi cut,

Wednesday, with 1-14, an ounce ahead of John Balhatchet. Walt Ashby caught 1-7.

And the hard luck tale of the week was Calvert’s as, on Claydon lake, no one had a bite.