Angling by Trevor Johnson: May 22

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One week Willen ‘turns-off’ and fishes like a ditch for a prestige match...and the next it throws up a 43lb carp, writes Trevor Johnson.

Captor Dean Seeth is convinced there are fish bigger than his new MKAA record (pictured) there to be caught.

He banked it days after gale-force winds messed up the two-day Davvy McKnight memorial open.

It may be the same fish Billy Scott had at 42-12 back in March, and Concept bait tester Dean said: “The only picture I’ve seen of that was very blurry, but I’m fairly sure this was the golden common.”

But the real question is – just how big will it, and its peers, grow...and is a Willen 50 on the cards?

Many know GoneFishin co-proprietor Richard Swan as an out-and-out matchman but these days he swims both ways – and is well into carpin, too. He caught a 17lb common – one of nine to 27-5 he and Jack Maroney had in a session on Tear Drops.

MKAA’s new season cards are on sale in local shops and on-line.

Best Bradwell bream of the week was ‘Mark’s’ 10-pounder reported trough Willards. Kingfisher’s Paul Hack got there early, Sunday, and had a 6-8, a 5lb tench and a 2lb perch.

Osprey produced the goods despite the carp being in spawning mode at Decoy lakes, with Des Proud on 112lb ahead of Tony McGregor 100lb and Pete Carter 99-4.

Towcester vets, Dog Lane: Chris Howard started his retirement by winning with 48-10. Tosh Saunders 40-14, Gerald Green 40-13.

NEWPORT open, Abbey pits: Roger Tebbutt 16-12 (four tench), Paul Abbott 11-10, Dave Tebbutt 8-14.

Towcester, local golf course lake: Mark Read 16lb, John Balhachett 13-8, Chris Howard 12lb.

DATS, Navvi ‘big bend’ canal: Mick Reynolds 15-15-8 of punch skimmers, Alan Ford 13lb, Paul Chapman 12-5-8.

DATS’ Tuesday evening match, Navvi cut: Lee Jones 9-3, Nigel Steel 6-0-8, Mark Haynes 5-11.

MK vets, Galleon cut: Steve Chilton 8-10, Mick Jarvis 3-14, Mick Reynolds 3-9.

LINFORD, Wilderness canal: Eamon Burke 6-10, Mick Hefferon 3-6, Ron Dorrill 1-12 (the bream were more intent on spawning than feeding).

MKAA junior teach in Switched to tomorrow, Friday, Manor Fields canal 5.30pm start.

With the EA patrolling local banks fairly frequently (often backed by police) fishing without a rod licence has become a ‘risk’ sport.

The agency’s latest tour saw five out of 67 checked nicked for no licences (THREE at Wolverton Mill) and one man facing a potential court appearance for breaking the by-law on being in control of his rods (the outside pair must not be more than three metres apart).

Not only were his almost 30 metres apart, but he’d put one on the OTHER side of an angler fishing next to him.