Angling by Trevor Johnson: May 30

editorial image

Carp don’t get much fatter than this 44-8 mirror – even in the south of France where this pot-bellied lump came from, and where, with far warmer winters, fish pack on weight all-year!

It was the heaviest of no less than FOUR 40s among 15 carp – landed by MK Parks Trust operations boss Rob Riekie, who had a 50 from the eight acre lake during a previous visit.

This time round his mate included a 75lb ‘cat’ in his catch.

There are big fish coming out here in the city, too, and Mount Farm-based Beacon now has a new bream record from its big pit.

The club’s new secretary Steve Cooper celebrated his appointment by going out and obliterating the old 10-6 former best by Brian Haynes with an early morning 11-2.

Nigel Hughes (pictured) got the club’s early-season carp race moving with this 32-6 common known by the not unusual, in carp circles, name of ‘two-tone’.

And, also pictured, Adam McDonald – fresh back to the banks after a lengthy lay-off – was delighted with this 18lb mirror from Furzton.

Tosh Saunders left it late to win the Towcester vets’ match on Tofts – feeding a margin line and only really getting the carp going there in the last 90 minutes.

Still... enough is enough and he ended up well clear of the rest with 90-4. Gerald Green had 66lb and Mick Read 51-4.

MK vets’ midweek jaunt out to Clattercote reservoir, on the same day, found them on a far from in-form water as Austin Maddock won with just 9-6 followed by Les Smith 7-4, Jack Wilson 6-8.

Much closer to home, skimmers were on the feed in Linford’s canal stretch as Ron Dorrill won with 8-4 ahead of Didder Hefferon 5-2 and John Hough 5-1.

DATS’ do on the Galleon Strait saw Dave McLellan gamble on a novel approach – for a canal evening match – which paid off as he won with 5-7 of skimmers on Tuesday, all on the feeder. Richard Lattimer had 4-7-8 and John Hough, shaded by a narrow margin for the second match in a row, 4-7.