Angling by Trevor Johnson: November 28

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Beware the ‘Z’ menace. Zander could soon be in the Upper Ouse right through MK – and beyond!

Just as the river’s ‘silverfishing’ is coming back to life with shoals of dace, chublets, roach and bleak, there is every chance that the voracious, predatory alien species is coming their way... if it hasn’t arrived already.

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Sunday’s Stoke Bruerne bottom lock canal match saw four Zs of 3 to 4lb landed – 400 yards from an overshot into the Tove which, three miles downstream, empties into the Ouse at Cosgrove.

The silverfish munchers can work in packs and, the Ouse and Tove apart, are also likely to be bad news for the city’s canal length (judging by declining silverfish catches above Braunston, where Zs are common) as the only barrier between it and Stoke is Cosgrove lock... which is no barrier at all.

If you STILL don’t have a rod licence... the Environment Agency’s crackdown has been joined by local police.

Police involvement underlines that fishing without one can bring you a CRIMINAL record, plus fines and costs up to £1,000 or so.

EA chief enforcement officer Mick Robinson is pictured with PC Andy Hipkin following a ‘random’ local patrol, Sunday.

They found one defaulter among 22 anglers checked – a far better result than their previous visit which uncovered five out of 28. They will be back again...

Just for once I picked the right day to skip work and go fishing, Thursday, getting my best ever five-hour canal net (pictured) with 15 chopped-worm perch and bream for exactly 18lb. Blanked again, Sunday, though.

DATS’ do on the Main went to Colin Chart with 12-3 of perch. Kevin Osborne had 3-12-4 and Paul Chapman 3-10.

Towcester’s Castlethorpe canal match was won by Darren Pannell, 7-3 of roach, as Mark Read netted 4-4 and Les Goodridge 4lb.

MK vets’ gale-lashed Calverton road Ouse midweeker saw Dave McLennan with 6-5 of bits with Steve Chilton on 6-5 and John Harvey 5-11.

Golden-oldie John Hough topped Linford’s Giffard Park cut sweep with 5lb of punch-roach. Mick Hefferon had 2-3 and Roy Hefferon 2-2.

Olney’s Tuesday Ouse open went to Nigel Bass with one fish – a 4-3-8 tench. Mick Burrell had 0-9 and Pete Laughton 0-8-8 while, fishing off the match length, Dave Partridge had a PB 3-3 perch.

Austin Maddock won Calvert’s Buckingham Ouse match with 3-11 as Derek Bishop caught 1-15. Les Smith and Rupert Ash tied on 1-14 – the latter also getting a trout... which didn’t count!

It was tough on the New Inn cut, Saturday, but that didn’t stop Reece Keane winning the first match he’d ever fished, an MKAA junior do, with 0-4.

FIXTURES (all Christmas matches): Sat Dec 7, MKAA, Ouse, tickets from GoneFishin and Willards; also MKAA juniors, Bletchley boatyard cut, 01908 320007; Dec 8, Newport, Riverside meadow, 07795 068428.