Angling by Trevor Johnson: October 11

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LOCAL Ouse barbel stocks have just had another boost, courtesy of the Environment Agency’s fisheries team.

For the third year in a row they have stocked junior barbel – reared at their Calverton facility – with 6,000 split between Adams Mill, Sherington Bridge, Radwell and Sharnbrook. During the previous two years they also put them into the Ouzel.

So if you catch something which looks like a gudgeon but isn’t... please return it to the water especially carefully. It will have a lot of growing still to do!

The EA’s Charlotte Eade is pictured releasing some 1,500 mini-whiskers at Adams with, inset, a sample of the fish going in.

Lit up by the camera flash this 10lb koi (pictured) caught by Danie Grobler looks like a real bar of gold. He had it from Furzton, Saturday evening.

Fresh back from a long lay-off, Got Baits’ Trevor Price used a new additive to help him top Tuesday’s ‘affordable open’ at Alders with 226lb of tench and carp from Pines. Derek Smith had 169lb and Brian Towney 159lb.

Saturday’s do saw Nick Darke with 204lb ahead of Colin Fosdyke 197lb and Derek Smith 159lb.

Clear water meant sport was far from brisk for MK vets on the Calverton Road and Brushmill Ouse, midweek.

A monster bream could have given Ken Mott the money had it not come adrift at the net (bet he was one unhappy gnome) leaving Kevin Osborne to win with 6-14 of perch and roach to 6 ounces on chopped worm.

John Weatherall had two good perch for 6-1 as Steve Schubert and Paul Swain tied on 4-2 – the latter catching more than 60 small fish down the edge.

Mick Goodridge won Towcester’s Castlethorpe cut open with perch, skimmers and roach totalling 7-8. Tosh Saunders had three perch for 4-7-8 and Paul Robinson 3-12-8.

Sunday’s thick brown floodwater meant anyone catching in Olney’s Ouse pike and perch match was a very lucky rod indeed... Jack Panter won with a 5-15 snapper as Pete Hawley had 3-12 and Adam Short 3-7-8. Dangling his long suffering pet worm, Dave Partridge landed a 4-11 tench which didn’t count.

The previous day, with the river in finer form, Richard Mynard had had two good bream, best 6-6-8, and a shoal of quality roach for a near 20lb pleasure net.

MK juniors fishing a canal match at Stoke Road boatyard had a ball, Saturday, all beating the 2lb mark in just three hours. Adam Dale had 4-1 and Brandon White 2-11.

James Lewis won the four-way interclub on Linford’s Bird’s bridge canal with 3-13. Mick Reynolds had 2-15 and Ernie Sattler 2-9-8.

Fixtures: Saturday afternoon, MKAA junior open, Teardop 2, 01908 320007; Tuesday Olney Ouse open 01234 240061; Oct 21 Bairstows open 07915 613862; Alders Tuesday/Saturday sweeps, call 07860 235655.

Catches or matches to report? Tell Trevor Johnson at or on 01908 270000.