Angling by Trevor Johnson: October 23

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You are never too old to try something new – and 74 year-old Brian Budd has just proved it and, in the process, more than DOUBLED his carp 55-6!

Still walking on air – and probably water, too – he is fresh back from the South of France, having broken his previous PB no less than seven times in four days.

And his son, Josh, had four 40lb+ fish to 51-12 from the same lake.

City lad Brian’s previous 22-8 was caught in Cosgrove Park a good 10 years back, and looked like staying his best until he crossed the Channel.

“It was the first time I’d tried sitting behind bite alarms, I much prefer float or tip fishing, but it and the fishery owner’s boilies really worked...and we had our breakfasts and evening meals delivered to our pegs. It really was a different world.”

The 55-6 apart he had mirrors of 49, 39, 37, 33, 30, 24 and 12lb – and has booked again for next year with the ambition of catching the lake’s biggest common.

Much closer to home and a lot smaller – but still very creditable for the venue – was Olney schoolboy George Wheeler’s 14lb local Ouse common.

Fishing the Lodge Lake paddock, Tackle Hub regular Terry Davis (pictured) bagged 24 bream from 2-8 to more than 7lb for around 80lb.

Both reporting through GoneFishin, Dale Abbott had 11 Furzton carp to 24lb last week, and Nathan Skelton five (including three 20s to 25-6) in a night.

Osprey, Decoy Lake: Pete Carter and Dave Lewis both 89lb, Ian Millin (fresh from catching yellow tails off South Africa) 87lb.

Towcester, Stockton: John Broughton 70-8, Kevin Elliott 55lb, Kevin Nightingale 50lb.

MK vets, Linford Fishery: John Harvey 16-6, Martin Cunniffe 15-2, Mick Hefferon 13-12. Barry Lee had a 6-8 tench.

Calvert, Claydon Lake: Dave Lewis 12-13 (won golden peg), Derek Bishop 7-3, James Lewis 3-15.

MK ‘get-together’, Olney Ouse: Kevin Osborne 8-15 including a 3-10 perch, Lee Jones 7-6, Paul Hamilton 7-4

Olney Tuesday Ouse open: Graham Prince 7-9, Paul Caton 6-2-8, Lee Jones 4-12-8. Bob Gale lost a big fish...from the golden peg.

Kingfisher, Toombes Meadow Ouse: Steve Chilton 6-13, Mick Reynolds (who found three fish in the bottom of his net AFTER the weigh-in) 6-7, Austin Maddock 6-6.

Linford, Wilderness cut: Mick Hefferon 7-9, Frank Tysoe 3-3 John Hough 2-15.

Fixtures: Sunday, MKAA ‘get-together’ (MKAA members only), Ampthill’s Gayhurst Ouse 07703 556788; Nov 8 (Sat) RBL charity open, Olney Ouse, 01234 240061.

Places up for grabs in Osprey’s 12 match winter commercials series stating Sunday, 07796 757171.